Jaevion Riley succumbed to his injuries after being in the coma for a week, (Images via Kirsten Glavin TV and Anthony J Carignan Sr./Facebook)

What happened to Jaevion Riley? Father arrested as seven-year-old dies after a week in coma

After reportedly suffering from extensive injuries at home, seven-year-old Jaevion Riley recently died after being in a coma for a week. He was found unconscious at an apartment in Manchester, New Hampshire. According to the authorities, the injuries made the entire situation “suspicious," as they further discovered that Riley was burned and beaten.

An autopsy is yet to be performed. However, the seven-year-old’s father, Murtadah Mohammad, has been arrested and faces several charges. According to the deceased child’s mother, the burns could either be from boiling oil or water. However, it was later discovered that Murtadah had used hot water and electrical cords to punish Jaevion for lying.

TRAGIC UPDATE: 7yo Jaevion Riley has died, according to the New Hampshire AG’s office.

Jaevion’s biological father was arrested last week for allegedly beating his son into a coma & forcing him to shower in 153 degree water, burning 15-20% of his body. @NBC10Boston

Jaevion Riley suffered severe burns and injuries when he was admitted to a local hospital before dying

The horrific incident took place in Manchester, New Hampshire, when Jaevion Riley was discovered with severe burns at his residence. Although he was rushed to a local hospital, Jaevion succumbed to his injuries on January 24.

Following this, his father, Murtadah Mohammad, was arrested for allegedly being connected to the death of the seven-year-old. He faces several charges, including first-degree assault, second-degree assault, endangering the welfare of a child, and falsifying physical evidence.


Jaevion Riley’s mother, Rainah, mentioned that she allegedly noticed signs of abuse after Mohammad received split custody of the seven-year-old. Before the child’s death, she said:

“It is absolutely gruesome, it is horrific, and it is sickening to look at. It makes me physically ill looking at my own son [Jaevion Riley] because of what this man did to him.”
@abcnews @NBCNews @CBSNews Could you PLEASE share this story? This is Jaevion he is the son of Rainah Riley. The picture of the man who is believed to have done this is in the Manchester,NH area. His name is Murtadah Mohammed. #JusticeForJaevion

She continued:

“It looks as if it’s from boiling water or oil, or… may be set on fire. This man was trying to kill my child.”

NBC 10 obtained court documents that stated that Mohammad mentioned that a pot of water was on the stove while he was in the shower. He continued that he did not see what happened to Jaevion Riley while he was away. However, authorities found the version inconsistent as he later confessed to using “hot water and electrical cords to discipline his son for lying.”

The seven-year-old’s mother Rainah further stated:

“I called for wellness checks on him when he was with him, for the bruising, and nobody did anything. The system has failed not only my child but so many children. And something needs to be done because this isn’t OK. It’s not. Like, when is enough enough?”
As of now, no new charges have been filed in this case. Mohammad is still facing charges of first- and second-degree assault, as well as falsifying physical evidence and endangering the welfare of a child. AG's Office still investigating circumstances of Jaevion's death.

Amani Lameldin, a neighbor, described Jaevion Riley as “a very good boy and kind” as well as “very quiet, respectful.” She added:

“I can’t believe that was going on to him.”

Attorney General John M. Formella and the Manchester Police Chief published a statement that said:

“The circumstances surrounding the child's death are being actively investigated while the cause and manner of death are under investigation.”
.@GovChrisSununu on the passing of Jaevion Riley: Jaevion was taken from this world far too soon. His tragic death will be thoroughly investigated, and I am confident that justice will be served.

According to Manchester police Chief Allen D. Aldenberg, authorities are currently investigating seven-year-old Jaevion’s tragic demise. It is unclear whether or not Murtadah Mohammad has submitted a plea, but a public defender has been appointed for him.


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