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Samya Silva recently died at the age of 21 (Image via samynha_siilva/Instagram)

What happened to Samya Silva? Brazilian influencer shot and killed at 21

Well-known influencer Samya Silva was shot dead on October 1, 2023, at the age of 21. The incident happened in Brazil, and she was accompanied by her friends on a bike while leaving a club in Teresina. The Department of Homicide and Personal Protection, also called DHPP, is currently investigating the case.

According to G1, Silva shared pictures on her social media page where she was seen enjoying herself with her friends. Yrla Lima, a friend of Silva, was one of the witnesses, and her cell phone was also damaged when Silva was shot.

Samya Silva was shot dead on Sunday (Image via rlagosaovivo/X)

The outlet stated that Silva and her friends were chased by two men on a bike. The suspects were wearing helmets, and while they told the girls to stop the bike, they abandoned the vehicle and ran away. However, the suspects fired shots at Silva, and she died on the spot.


Samya Silva's shooting incident is currently under investigation

G1 revealed that Samya Silva and her friends were leaving a club when two men chased them on a bike. Samya tried to escape with her friends, but she was shot dead by the men.


Samya was shot six times, and she succumbed to her injuries by the time the paramedics arrived. Her friends were unharmed, and the motive behind the crime remains unknown for now.

The coordinator of DHPP, Francisco Costa, revealed that they are currently speaking to the witnesses who were present near the spot where Silva was shot. Costa stated:

"She was with two colleagues, at around 4 p.m. She was alerted that two individuals were looking at her motorcycle. After some more time at the club, she left with the two colleagues."

The suspects have not been arrested yet.

Samya Silva gained recognition for her online content over the years

According to The Sun, Samya Silva was spotted dancing to music with her friends with a hand sign resembling "number three." It was reportedly a reference to the criminal organization called PCC, also known as Primeiro Condo da Capital.


Sao Paulo prisoners established PCC during the 1990s and the members are from Brazil and other countries. The organization has been involved in numerous criminal activities over the years.

G1 states that one of her videos last month featured her celebrating the first votes of the Federal Supreme Court minister supporting the decriminalization of marijuana possession for personal use. She said:

"I'm going to smoke 'one' in the square and I'm going to be able to be free because I'm not going to be called a naughty stoner."

Samya Silva was active on Instagram, with around 65,000 followers. She is survived by her son.

2023 has witnessed the loss of several other influencers, like Adriana Thyssen, Larissa Borgess, Yuriby Gomez, and more.


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