Vaughan was shot in a 2013 home invasion attempt (image via Alabama I/ Theresa Seiger/

What did Kastellio Vaughan do? Charges explored as photo of Alabama inmates’ deteriorating health goes viral

On September 22, an Alabama woman accused staff at the Elmore Correctional Facility of violating the rights of her brother Kastellio Vaughan, an inmate whose health is allegedly deteriorating due to the neglect of prison officials.

As per WSFA, Kastellio Vaughan, 32, is currently four years into a 20-year-sentence. He was convicted in 2019 of multiple break-ins and burglaries. His sister, Kassie Vaughan, reported that his health complications are related to a bullet wound he allegedly sustained during an attempted home invasion in 2013.

Kastellio Demarcus Vaughan
AIS # : 00263279
Institution: Elmore Correctional Facility
-Call anybody you know that can help GET HIS NAME OUT THERE !! Thank you

The Shaderoom reported that Vaughan had to undergo surgery in August in connection to the 2013 bullet wound. Kassie Vaughan claims that his current state has led to emaciation because prison officials have not provided him with adequate facilities.

Kastellio Vaughan was allegedly involved in a host of robberies

Vaughan was suspected of being involved in a July 2013 home invasion, which led to his shooting. As per arrest records, on July 10, two men reportedly invited two women, who they barely knew, to their home.


The men told police officials that soon after the women entered, an armed man in a ski mask, suspected to be Vaughan, also arrived at the scene. One of the women, 19-year-old Iesha Nichole Foster, was later arrested for allegedly conspiring with Kastellio Vaughan to rob the men.

I just spoke Kastellio Vaughan's family. He's 32, in medical crisis at Elmore prison. The photo (L) was a few months ago. He was having stomach problems from an old injury, underwent surgery in distress, developed an infection and then his family received the photos on right. 1/3
Please share with ANYONE who can get him help or if you're in Alabama and want to join the protest on 9/26/22 in Montgomery, Al. This is happening in the Alabama Dept of Corrections. His name is Kastillio Vaughan PLEASE GET HIM HELP! #KastellioVaughan @

The unnamed homeowner alleged that after Vaughan attempted to rob him at gunpoint, he retrieved his firearm and shot the purported robber. The suspect attempted to flee the scene before being restrained by the homeowner, who reportedly removed the ski mask and disarmed him.

After police arrived at the scene, Kastellio was arrested and charged with one count of first-degree robbery. However, the charge was later dropped. He only re-emerged on the radar of Alabama authorities six years later, after he was suspected of several robberies and vehicle break-ins in the counties of Mobile and Alabama.


Vaughn's declining health

In her online post, Kassie Vaughan made an emphatic plea to the public for donations to treat her brother. She said it was a crime that he was still allowed to remain among the general population despite his current condition.

@bshelburne If you can find out the names of the nurses or doctors who treat people at the facility, report them to the state board.

She said:

“What if that was your family and you got a picture of your big brother and your big brother looked dead. For his eyes to be rolled back and him just sitting right there in general population I’m like, this like a zombie.”

In response, the Alabama Department of Corrections released a statement saying that Kastellio Vaughan was currently in a medical unit.

The statement read:

“The Alabama Department of Corrections understands there is concern about the welfare of inmate Kastellio Demarcus Vaughan. He is assigned to Elmore Correctional Facility (CF) but is currently housed at Staton Medical Observation Unit. ADOC’s Office of Health Services has fully investigated his situation from a clinical perspective, and he has been offered all necessary treatment for his condition. Also, he has been in touch with his family to update them on his situation.”
@MommyAttorney @bshelburne I called the prison, the man told me “he’s being transferred” then he hung up 🤬

Vaughan's family also created a GoFundMe for him, raising $15412 of a $20000 goal.

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