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Ktestone's Personality Character Test goes viral on TikTok. (Image via Ktestone, Getty Images)

What is the Ktestone personality character test? How to play the viral TikTok game, explained

A new personality character test from Ktestone has taken over TikTok recently. Frequently, such personality tests emerge online and trends among social media users due to their intriguing features and essence. Everyone is quite curious to find out their unique personality trait.

The viral Ktestone Personality Character Test is like a multiple-choice quiz, where one has to answer a series of questions to determine one’s real personality attributes, including good and bad. The player has to choose their answer between two options for each question.

ktestone personality character test

There are 16 different personalities one can get from the test, ranging from the laughing fact attacker to the worried old soul. A few other characteristics include “4th dimension with full of curiosity,” “man of talent in the middle of everything,” “mentally weak outsider among insiders,” “lonely emotional controller,” “nagging king following everywhere,” “lazy soulless,” “unexpected mood maker,” “emotional and fragile mentality,” etc.

For each personality, there is a range of traits that can be attributed to the player based on their answers. For example, one can be quick-tempered and regretting after saying things out of anger, or one can have a lot of friends or be sensitive to fashion.

Ktestone personality tests are


How to play the viral Ktestone Personality Character test?

One has to head over to Ktestone’s website to take the test:


The main language of the website is Korean. However, the site provides a few other language options, including English, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, and Spanish. One can tap on the country flags at the top of the home page to select their preferred language.


Once the language is set, players will find four options below: “All,” “Character,” “Love,” “Etc.” One has to click on the “Character” option to enter the page containing personality tests. The Personality Character test is the first on the list since it’s recent.


The next step is to tap on the “Go To Test” option, and players will be directed to the page containing the questions. There are 12 questions in total, each of which will provide the players with two options. Once all the answers are chosen, the website will generate a personality based on the answers.

These tests are primarily for fun and do not provide accurate or psychologically-proven results. So, if one is unsatisfied with the result, they can retake the test and choose different options to get a different personality character.

Ktestone Personal Color Test

A similar personality test, but based on colors, went viral last year. The many depths of an individual’s personality are explored and symbolized with colors in that test. The color test is similar to the character test. One has to answer 12 questions, each of which provides two options to choose from.

@txtislove5 here! otherwise you can search personal color test ktestone

According to the Personal Color Test, everybody is a combination of four colors. The test also provides a detailed analysis of the players’ characteristic traits. The personal colors include navy fiony, sweet pink, vanilla ice, oasis, doeny, periglacial blue, ocean depths, and so on.

The personal color test is still available on the Ktestone website. One can check both their personality characteristics and personal color traits and can compare the results to assess their traits better.


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