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TikToker discovers piles of hidden cash which netizens urge him not to touch (Image via adrian_peru/TikTok)

What is paper route money? Meaning explained as TikTok discovery goes viral 

A TikTok user garnered immense traction online after sharing a video of what netizens are calling a “paper route.” Platform enthusiast Adrian Peru recently amassed multimillion views after sharing that a stranger had stored wads of cash underneath a grate lid outside his residence. As the internet user became the talk of the internet, he revealed in an update that he also received a visit from law enforcement.

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Adrian Peru has amassed over 150K followers on TikTok. On Tuesday, 26 September he uploaded a video which showcased a plastic bag filled with cash. In the video which has amassed over 30 million views across multiple social media platforms, Adrian can be seen opening a lid which stored the money. He said in his video:

“What the f**k is this?”
Contents of the plastic bag discovered by the TikToker (Image via Adrian_peru/TikTok)

The TikTok video showed viewers a plastic bag which stored a box of pills, money, wallet and a notebook. While explaining how “sketchy” the scenario seemed to be, he opened the notebook which showed the name Georgia written inside it alongside an image of the aeroplane.

Adrian also found several notes of cash inside the notebook. As the video progressed, he found a bundle of what looks like human hair which left the TikToker horrified. The TikToker also found a paper which read:

“Call Hugh, Georgia.”
Contents of the plastic bag discovered by the TikToker (Image via Adrian_peru/TikTok)

Adrian also revealed on TikTok that he left the plastic bag in its original place as he did not want any “bad energy.”

Netizens have since taken to the internet to express concern over the incident. Several people claimed that he had stumbled across a “paper route.”

Netizens claim that the influencer is in hold of a paper route (Image via adrian_peru/TikTok)

What is a paper route revealed as Adrian gives update about the incident


Internet users were convinced that Adrian Peru involved himself in a paper route. Based on the scenario at hand it seems like it is a secret way of collecting money from those who owe you. People might leave the money in secret places to ensure that they do not get caught.

It is likely that this kind of an exchange takes place for nefarious reasons. Another way to describe a paper route would be to call it a “dead drop.” At the time of writing this article, the reason for the dead drop and who was behind it remains unknown.


As the TikToker continued to gain traction online, he revealed in subsequent videos that he was visited by the police. He shared with netizens that he showed them the plastic bag in its original form during a questioning.

It seems like the police did not suspect the 25-year-old of any misdoings as they let Adrian go. However, they reportedly collected his shoes.

“Those are my work shoes bro, I haven’t had those shoes for a whole day already, I don’t know if and when I’m getting them back,” he said.
The police paid a visit to the TikToker (Image via adrian_peru/TikTok)

What happened next remains a mystery to netizens.


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