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  • "What the satanism is this": Avignon Festival in France sparks backlash over Rebecca Chaillon's controversial skewered infants theatre show 
Rebecca Chaillon's 'Black Card Named Desire' play performed at the Avignon festival raises eyebrows online (Image via F_Desouche/Twitter)

"What the satanism is this": Avignon Festival in France sparks backlash over Rebecca Chaillon's controversial skewered infants theatre show 

Stills from Rebecca Chaillon’s play Black Card Named Desire, which was performed at the Avignon Festival in France has left netizens shocked. They were mortified after they saw pictures of the play that featured dozens of Caucasian baby dolls impaled. Many have since attacked the artwork for being anti-family and anti-children. The festival also faced intense backlash from attendees which inevitably led to physical violence.

Rebecca Chaillon has gained a reputation for creating plays that focus on one’s relationship with their bodies and identities. The play Black Card Named Desire was performed in 2021 at the Nancy theatre. The two hour and 45 minutes play focused on the stereotypes and fantasies that Caucasian people frequently attach to those who are Black. The same was performed during the Avignon Festival not many days ago.


When pictures of the same were released online, internet users were flabbergasted by what they saw. Images showed the performers carrying dozens of impaled Caucasian baby dolls. Many believed that the show was attempting to spread anti-family and anti-White propaganda.

Reacting to the same, one netizen said on Twitter:

@EndWokeness What the Satanism is this

Netizens react to the viral Rebecca Chaillon play performed at the Avignon Festival


Internet users were mortified by the play’s images which took over the internet. Many did not understand the message the play was attempting to send to the public. Netizens relentlessly slammed the Avignon show. A few comments online read:

@EndWokeness Disturbing.
To say the least.
@EndWokeness That’s woked up
@Klaus_Arminius What an outrage if the tables were turn!
@Klaus_Arminius Black privilege. Racism is still racism.
@Klaus_Arminius Very sick show, sends a bad message. Could be white, brown or black babies, any babies like this is just wrong.
@EndWokeness That’s horrid
@EndWokeness It's difficult to hold back the words I want to say...

This is infuriating.
@EndWokeness We have divorced ourselves from hope.
@EndWokeness Inhuman. This is never ok.

Avignon Festival attendees burst into violence amidst performances

According to the Compagnie Dans le Ventre, attendees were unimpressed with three performances out of the five. In one of them, the audience raised their middle fingers when one of the performers spoke of police brutality.

In another instance, an audience member attacked a performer during a play. As part of the act, an actor snatched a bag from one of the show attendees to portray “colonization” This led to the attendee punching the performer in the face. However, viewers were warned about what would take place prior to the show starting. The creators of the show had warned the audience that the same would take place in the middle of the performance.

The organization that performed at the festival also revealed to local news outlets that they were violently attacked outside of the theatre as well.


Following the audience outbursts, Tiago Rodriges, the director of the festival announced that “violent and racist gestures are not acceptable” at the festival. He went on to add that the festival:

“expressed its solidarity with this company, and worked to create a climate of security and serenity for the show to be presented.”

The company that created the controversial plays also received support from netizens following the attacks they dealt with.


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