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"What an ugly person he is": Why are Sister Wives fans condemning Kody Brown in episode 12?

TLC's Sister Wives returned for an all-new episode on November 27, 2022, at 10 pm ET. This week, Christine finally moved to Utah after bidding goodbye to everyone. While she was excited to get away from Kody and all the drama surrounding him, Kody had other plans.

Prior to Christine leaving, he told the cameras that he loved her and felt betrayed by her decision to leave. Fans who witnessed this took to social media to slam Kody, claiming he was lying. Moreover, they also pointed out that he was misbehaving because Christine is an independent person, and leaving him is her personal choice.

What an ugly person he is. Christine has maintained dignity thru all of this and kody has thrown a fit at every turn #sisterwives

Titled Life After Polygamy, the official synopsis of episode 12 of Sister Wives read:

"Christine and Kody have a final battle about a snowblower on her way out the door to move to Utah; when Christine's house sale falls through, Kody wants Janelle to buy it, much to her dismay."

Continue reading to find out how Twitteratis reacted to Kody's take on Christine's departure from Sister Wives.


Fans slam Kody for creating drama as Christine moves to Utah on Sister Wives

Taking to Twitter, netizens claimed that while Christine maintained her dignity throughout the separation process from Kody, he threw a fit at every turn. Fans also slammed him for telling the cameras that he loved Christine, claiming it was all lies. A few Twitteratis even condemned him for acting "so petty" despite knowing that Christine didn't want him anymore.

Lmaoo Kody is so petty but he happy Christine called #SisterWives
#SisterWives good lord Cody is a whiney baby! He's all bent out of shape because he can't control Christine anymore!
Wait, so Kody didn't like Christine, BUT he's experiencing heartbreak? Make it make sense! #SisterWives
Geee, between this and the "I didn't love her, I hugged and kissed her out of duty", I don't understand how Christine could betray Kody by wanting a divorce. It is such a mystery.#SisterWives twitter.com/cattyrah/statu…
Kody cannot stand that Christine is ok without him. She’s moved, she’s happy, she’s doing things on her own. And it’s driving him to distraction. #SisterWives
@RedLips4Kissing Yep. He's butt hurt. His ego can't take it. He absolutely defines why men want plural marriages.
Btw, did he say he loved Christine but then said I didn't like her in same episode? #SisterWives
What's breaking my heart is Kody's acting. What the hell.....does he think he is Shakespeare? And he contradicts himself in every other sentence. He wanted to tell Christine he loved her? But said he never loved her. A$$!#Sisterwives
Kody betrayed Christine first. By bringing in another wife when all were not in agreement and then by treating the new wife better than his other wives. Christine stuck around and tried as hard as she could. Her heart couldn’t take it anymore #SisterWives #FUKB
That is clearly another lie! Kody just said he never wants to see Christine again. Wtf? twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Kody still trying to boss around Christine and Christine having none of it is pure gold #SisterWives #SisterWivesTLC

"Why did you betray me?": Kody claimed he felt betrayed by Christine's decision to leave Sister Wives


At the beginning of the episode, everyone gathered at Christine's old house to bid her goodbye as she was finally moving to Utah the next day. Although she was happy to leave Kody and begin life anew, she was a little emotional. She told the cameras:

"It’s hard to leave. Ending a chapter is really hard no matter what."

Meanwhile, Kody plans to create his own drama before Christine's departure.

During his confessional, the Sister Wives star said:

"She’s moving today. There’s a sense that I feel like I’m, in a way, coping. I really want to tell her, ‘I loved you. I loved you, why did you betray me?’ I worked for this. And that’s almost just pathetic because she’s leaving. She’s done. I’ve gotta accept that, but I don’t want to. It’s breaking my heart."

On the other hand, Christine had no regrets as she left the city the next day and claimed that she felt like a whole new woman who doesn't regret her decision to leave.


Apart from that, Kody also revealed that he was struggling a lot with the divorce. He also blamed the separation process, saying it was poisoning his relationship with Janelle and Robyn:

"I’m struggling so much with this divorce. It’s probably poisoning my relationship with Janelle a little bit and definitely poisoning my relationship with Robyn. I think that’s because I haven’t figured out what I am when we’re not this family. I’m out of my frame and I’m out of my purpose. I’m spiritually off course. I’m a mess."

Sister Wives airs every Sunday at 10 pm ET on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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