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  • Where were Davido and Karen Koep found? Missing Lacey couple's remains discovered three weeks after disappearance
Karen Koep and her husband were found dead on Saturday (Image via X/@DisfunkGlee)

Where were Davido and Karen Koep found? Missing Lacey couple's remains discovered three weeks after disappearance

A missing couple, Karen Koep and her husband Davido, were found dead after they disappeared on November 10. Police identified the suspect in the case as Timothy Burke, who was their tenant. He was later charged with the murder of both Karen and Davido.

An extensive search was conducted to look for the missing couple. Cops learned that they were missing when they conducted a welfare check on November 13, 2023. Eventually, on November 18, authorities took Burke into custody for allegedly being involved in the couple's disappearance. The couple was later found in two separate places in an area that was less than a mile away from a property they owned.


Karen Koep and her husband Davido were found dead on Saturday, after being missing for almost a month


After Karen didn't turn up at her chiropractor clinic, authorities conducted a welfare check at the couple's house and learned that the duo had been missing since November 10. Cops then arrested their tenant, Timothy Burke a few days after they were reported missing.

The long search for the couple ended on a tragic note, on Saturday, December 2, when two individuals discovered the first body on Joint Base Lewis-McChord, as reported by CNN US. The second body was eventually discovered close by after authorities arrived to investigate the first one. According to authorities, the couple's remains were found less than a mile away from a property owned by Karen Koep and her husband. The base is located about 17 miles southwest of Tacoma.


The couple's remains were sent for an autopsy, which was scheduled to take place on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Thurston County Sheriff Derek Sanders spoke about the case and told CNN US:

"It is impossible to infer an intent at this point, however the relationship appears to be a landlord-tenant relationship."

Sanders further added:

"It was clear that they (the family) were hurting, but one thing that we did talk about... was how important it was for the families that have the closure to be able to bury their loved ones. And so I hope we are one step closer to that."

Law enforcement officials urged anybody with information regarding the murders to reach out to them.

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Burke was charged with first-degree kidnapping and first-degree murder

According to Pauline Dutton, Karen Koep's sister, the couple often had issues with their tenants. A witness also told investigating officers that Davido was about to evict Burke, as per Law&Crime.

After authorities entered the house of the couple last month, they discovered a significant amount of blood. They assumed that the couple had died but had not found the bodies at the time.

A friend of Davido and Karen Koep spoke about the suspect, as per the publication, and said:

"Tell him to give that family some closure and tell them where the bodies are."
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Authorities found heaps of evidence, including Burke's .45-caliber gun at the couple's house, that pointed to his involvement in the case. He was then charged with first-degree murder and first-degree kidnapping. As per CNN, he was denied bail in the case.


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