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  • Where was Lisa Hazard last seen? Suspect in missing Fall River mother's case found dead alongside son in apparent murder-suicide
Lisa Hazard's son and George Scott III have been found dead at the latter's Massachusetts residence, (Image via WCVB Channel 5 Boston/YouTube)

Where was Lisa Hazard last seen? Suspect in missing Fall River mother's case found dead alongside son in apparent murder-suicide

George Scott III, a person of interest in the disappearance of Lisa Hazard in 2019, was found dead along with 8-year-old son Dante Hazard on Friday, June 2, 2023. Dante was Lisa and Scott’s child and had just turned 8 years old on Thursday. Bristol County District Attorney Thomas Quinn confirmed that the bodies of Dante and Scott have been found at Scott’s residence on Phillips Road in Boston, Massachusetts.

Authorities believed that Scott killed the 8-year-old boy before taking his own life in an apparent case of murder-suicide. District Attorney Thomas Quinn also reported that authorities have recovered many knives at the crime scene.


Lisa Hazard went missing in March 2019 and was last seen leaving her mother’s house in Fall River on March 5. At the time of her disappearance, Liza Hazard’s family members revealed that she was in recovery from drug addiction.

Lisa Hazard was last seen in March 2019, and George Scott III was believed to be a person of interest


Over four years after Lisa Hazard went missing in 2019, her son Dante and the child’s father George Scott III were found dead at Scott’s house on Friday at around 8 am local time. George was the son of a former Major League Baseball star George Scott. The former was considered the person of interest when Lisa Hazard when missing.

Police discovered the bodies of the father and son when they arrived at the Massachusetts house for a welfare check. A spokesperson for the district attorney’s office also said that the father reportedly killed the child first, and then killed himself.


DA Thomas Quinn referred to both Lisa Hazard’s disappearance and the recent murder-suicide case and said that it was a tragic situation. He stated that it may have been a development in Lisa's case but they would have to review the evidence in the current case as well.

Just two weeks ago, a search warrant to look into Scott’s residence was executed to look into Lisa's disappearance. A Facebook page was also created to look for the missing woman.

The page stated that it was created in hopes that it would provide additional information about Lisa and might help get her back home. It added that it was unlike Lisa to not contact her family, and especially her son.


Lisa was reportedly recovering from drug addiction when she disappeared

Family members mentioned that at the time of her disappearance, Lisa was becoming erratic and was recovering from drug addiction. Lisa Hazard’s brother Steven spoke to NBC 10 in October 2022, and said:

“She started missing important dates, like my mom's birthday or her son's birthday or Mother's Day, and that's really uncharacteristic of Lisa because she has always been all about the family, especially her son.”

Lisa’s son Dante has been described as a playful child. A neighbor identified as Kevin Forward further spoke about the 8-year-old boy, and said:

“He would run around the property and throw the ball around with his dad. Can’t even believe it.”
New Bedford, Mass | Law Enforcement investigating tonight after a murder-suicide occurred that involved a 53-year-old man and 8-year-old.

The house where it all occurred, is also the last place that 28-year-old Lisa Hazard was seen alive before she disappeared in 2019.

Lisa’s friend Rochelle Valois mentioned how devoted she was towards her child, and that Valois had been a babysitter for Dante as well. Valois also believes that George Scott III must have had some involvement in Lisa Hazard’s disappearance.

As mentioned earlier, police believe that the death of Dante and his father George Scott III was a case of murder-suicide.

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