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  • “Who bailed them out?": Chris Chan's release on bond sparks hilarious reactions as mugshot goes viral
Troubled YouTuber Chris Chan is released on bail bond (Image via YouTube/@CwcvilleGurdian)

“Who bailed them out?": Chris Chan's release on bond sparks hilarious reactions as mugshot goes viral

Netizens were shocked after news of YouTuber Christine Weston Chandler, aka Chris Chan, being released on jail bond on Monday, March 27, 2023, went viral.

The Sonichu creator, also known by her online moniker CwcvilleGuardian, was arrested on charges of incest on August 1, 2021. This was after an alleged phone conversation leaked online suggested she had intimate relations with her 79-year-old mother, who suffers from dementia.

I was not ready for these news

A screenshot of Chris Chan's record from the Central Virginia Region Jail has been doing the rounds on Twitter, stating she is "Out of Custody."

Soon, posts about a man named Samson Jekyll paying for her bond were seen, but the exact bail amount and Jekyll's intentions remain unclear. However, the news remains unverified at the time of writing the article.

As news of the webcomic creator's release spread, several internet users expressed their shock on social media.

A comment reacting to the YouTuber's release (Image via Twitter/ @C_hoffmanni)

"The Chrisology continues": Netizens horrified after news of Chris Chan's release spread

Internet users quickly took to social media to share their reactions to the news of Christine's release from prison. Twitterati was exasperated at the Sonichu creator's antics, and many even expressed concern for her mother.

They conveyed their shock and horror using hilarious memes and sarcastic comments.

"chris chan has been released from prison"

Many questioned whether the news was a fact or if the document was falsified. Others wondered who was responsible for bailing out the troubled YouTuber. @mewniumz joked:

Who was the heathen responsible for paying Chris Chan’s bond

I just wanna talk

User @Z01nk3 shared their shock by commenting:

"Chris chan is getting out of prison. The end times are nigh."
Chris chan is getting out of prison. The end times are nigh

Here are some more reactions seen on Twitter:

The Chrisology continues, Chris chan series just got extended
me finding out Chris Chan has just been released from jail on bond:
Anytime Chris Chan is trending, I get nervous.

Absolutely No One:

Chris Chan on March 27th, 2023:
My day is going really well
Chris Chan:
Chris Chan walking out of jail like
seeing why chris chan is trending again...


Update on Chris Chan's case

Chris started out as a content creator by sharing a post on a webcomic called Sonichu on her personal website in 1999. Sonichu is an amalgamation of the characters of Sonic and Pikachu. By 2007, she had created and was running her own YouTube channel.

Chris struggled with her gender dysphoria and eventually came out as transgender in August 2014. She also changed her name to Christine in 2016.


An audio clip of Chris Chan's 10-minute-long phone conversation, where she disclosed explicit details about her physical relationship with her mother, Barbara, who has dementia, went viral in July 2021. The state of Virginia considers this act a class 5 felony.

As the allegations spread, hundreds of netizens called the Greene County police, who conducted a welfare check on her home. The next day, they issued an Emergency Protective Order on the content creator and she was temporarily moved to the Richmond Regency Inn.

She was arrested on August 1, 2021. Since then, the YouTuber's case has been in the news on and off.

She frequently wrote letters to fans where she declared herself as "Jesus Christ reincarnated" and warned that "Judgment Day" would come soon. Famously, on August 28, 2022, there were rumors that she had escaped from a bathroom window just minutes before her trial.

More information about her release and who Samson Jekyll is is yet to be released.

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