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Bad Bunny sued by ex-girlfriend for voice recording (Image via carlizcha/Instagram and Getty Images)

Who is Carliz De La Cruz Hernández? Bad Bunny sued for $40 million by ex-girlfriend amid Kendall Jenner dating rumors

Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend, Carliz De La Cruz Hernández is taking the singer to court. The rapper used her voice recording in two of his songs, which is now costing him $40 million. The former couple dated between 2011 and 2017 before calling it quits.

Carliz De La Cruz’s breathy-voiced phrase “Bad Bunny, baby,” was used in the singer’s 2016 single Pa Ti and his 2022 track Dos Mil 16. The two tracks have garnered nearly a billion streams on both YouTube and Spotify.


It was revealed that his now former girlfriend recorded herself saying the line on a voice-notes app in a bathroom of her friend’s house because it was the only room that was silent, before sending it to Bad Bunny.

As per AP and NotiCel, Carliz De La Cruz filed a lawsuit against Bad Bunny, whose real name is Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, in March. Documents revealed that Cruz’s “distinguishable voice” was used in the songs without her permission on the songs and was performed and distributed. According to NotiCel, the lawsuit also revealed:

“Thousands of people have commented directly on Carliz’s social media networks, as well as every time she goes to a public place, about “Bad Bunny, baby.” This has caused, and currently causes, De La Cruz to feel worried, anguished, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious.”

As per legal documents, Bad Bunny offered Carliz De La Cruz $2000 to buy the recording of her voice. However, she declined. It was also reported that she spoke to someone at Rimas Music who offered to buy the recording so that it could be used in the rapper’s album Un Verano Sin Ti. However, a deal was not reached between the participants and the singer used her voice in his tracks without her knowledge.


Who is Carliz De La Cruz Hernández, Bad Bunny’s ex-girlfriend?

Carliz De La Cruz Hernández is an accomplished attorney at Eldarondo & López-Brass Law Firm in Guaynabo. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Puerto Rico Arecibo Campus in 2016. She went on to pursue her Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law in 2020.

Adding to her resume, Cruz interned at the Central Office of Legal Services of Puerto Rico and the Civil Legal Assistance Clinic of the University of Puerto Rico. She also worked as a legal clerk at an Entertainment and Criminal Law firm.


The 29-year-old went on to practice law at the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico and the United States District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.


Cruz started dating Benito in 2011. The pair went on to study together at the University of Puerto Rico. While studying, they also worked together at a grocery store and Benito credited his music to Cruz. In the latest lawsuit, it was revealed that Cruz managed contracts, invoices, and scheduling of events for the singer while they were studying together.


In 2016, Cruz was accepted into law school. The same year, Benito got signed to Rimas Music and also asked Cruz to marry him. They proceeded to end their relationship. The following year, they rekindled their romance. However, they ended up breaking up for good as well.


The singer is currently being linked to model Kendall Jenner.

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