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American Airlines' accusation of a David Ryan Harris, a Black man trafficking his own kids leaves the musician outraged: Details explored. (Image via David Ryan Harris/ Instagram)

Who is David Ryan Harris? Musician calls out American Airlines for falsely accusing him of trafficking his kids

Musician David Ryan Harris made a shocking claim recently, stating that he was accused by American Airlines of trafficking his own kids. The musician claimed that he was flying from Atlanta to Los Angeles on September 15, 2023, with his two sons, Truman and Hendrix. In a series of Instagram videos, he narrated the entire incident and said:

“Apparently, a flight attendant had called ahead with some sort of concern that perhaps my mixed children weren’t my children because they were unresponsive during an interaction with her. I wanted to go through the roof, but I did not want my kids to see me handle the situation with anything other than grace and class.”

He narrated the entire scene and stated how he was confronted by police and airline employees after a staff member was suspicious that he was trafficking his own biracial kids. David stated how one of the kids being shy did not respond to the airline employee, which made them suspicious.

David also stated how American Airlines has been his “choice of airlines” since 2004. He then stated how an agent reached out to him, apologized for the incident, and offered him 10,000 frequent flyer miles.


The gesture of the airlines did not please the musician, as he called it “kind of insulting,” as he stated that American Airlines offered more points to people opening an AA Credit Card.


David Ryan Harris is an Atlanta-based musician, who has played guitar in John Mayer’s band for 20 years. He is also a songwriter who has collaborated with multiple talents like Dave Matthews, Santana, Alicia Keys, etc.


Born in Chicago, David Ryan Harris was brought up in Atlanta

David Ryan Harris made his way into the headlines soon after he made accusations against American Airlines for falsely calling him out. In a series of Instagram posts, he stated how the airline workers and employees accused him on “baseless grounds” as he added how they could have checked the names of his kids through their seat numbers.

David said the situation wouldn’t have arisen if the airline employee accusing him had checked that the two kids share the same last name as David. He added how the kids are now not willing to fly the same airline, and are asking the dad if they did something wrong.

In the Instagram post, he added how he told the flight attendant that his kid doesn’t talk to anyone because he is shy, and yet the employee was not convinced.


David Ryan Harris is a singer and songwriter who rose to fame in 1997, after releasing his first solo album. He was also a part of the Atlanta-based rock group, Follow for Now.


Furthermore, his guitar work with Dionne Farris in 1995 for Wild Flower gained him a lot of appreciation. Thereafter, he was the music director for Farris’ live band, and he then jumped to his own solo career.

David Ryan Harris was born in Chicago, but raised in Atlanta. In his entire music career, he has been a crucial part of many bands, until he decided to finally ride solo.

He is known for his albums and songs, including The Bittersweet. He was also applauded for his 2015 album, Lightyears, in which he collaborated with Derek Trucks, Susan Tedeschi, Tyler Lyle and Joe Gil.

Furthermore, David Ryan Harris is very passionate about music, as he often posts about the same on his social media account. He has over 79,000 followers on Instagram, and each of his songs posted on the platform gets thousands of likes and comments.

As for the recent fiasco, American Airlines responded to the controversy and stated how they ensure the “safety and security of all customers.” In a statement released, they also apologized for the incident.

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