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James Kennedy with his dad Andros Georgiou (Image via androsgeorge/Instagram, Bravo)

Who is James Kennedy’s dad Andros Georgiou? Fans slam father-son duo’s conversation on “binge-drinking” in Vanderpump Rules episode 8

Vanderpump Rules season 10 episode 8 aired on Wednesday, featuring James Kennedy meeting his father Andros Georgiou. The father-son duo talked about the reality TV star’s ex-flame Raquel Leviss, current girlfriend Ally Lewber, and his drinking issues. Andros initially praised James for the time when he quit alcohol but then glorified “binge drinking.”

Fans were not happy with James’ dad encouraging a form of alcoholism. They even claimed that Andros might have been drunk in the episode.

Does James’ Dad not realize that binge drinking is a form of alcoholism? Is he drunk in this scene?? #pumprules #VanderpumpRules

Andros was a big DJ during his time and was a close friend of the late George Michael, a renowned singer, and songwriter. Andros and George were second cousins and had worked together on multiple albums together.

Fans also compared Andros’ voice to Austin Powers

I always forget that James’ dad is a MAJOR and explains why he is the way he is. The fact that his dad is telling him binge drinking is a rite is passage and refusing to acknowledge his son has a substance abuse issue is just… and we know James IDOLIZES his dad. #PumpRules

Andros appeared on Vanderpump Rules after a long time. Fans found a few changes to his overall appearance. They felt that James Kennedy's father sounded like a fictional character named Austin Powers, played by Mike Myers.

I can’t help it, James’ dad gives me Austin Powers vibes every single time he speaks.

James father sounds like Austin Powers. #VanderpumpRules #pumprules
James’ dad is literally Austin Powers. #pumprules #bravo
I forgot that James’ dad had Austin Powers grill #vpr #PumpRules

In addition to discussing his looks, fans also slammed Andros for glorifying “binge drinking” in front of James Kennedy, who started consuming alcohol again.

James Kennedy’s dad glorifying binge drinking is…oof #VanderpumpRules
James’ dad is EXACTLY like him. #PumpRules
James dad seems a little tipsy #PumpRules
Does James’ dad always sound that drunk when talking? #PumpRules

Who is Andros Georgiou?

Andros Georgiou is a renowned music producer and DJ artist. He had a successful 35 years in the music industry, especially with his partner and best friend, George Michael.

From Hardback Records to Boogie Box High, Andros’ productions gave multiple new songs and fresh artists to the world.

Andros was also the president of George’s label Aegean, where the music producer released the first MP3. He is currently reaching out to his global fans through the web radio show, LCRFM.

In his personal life, he is married to Jacqueline and together has three kids — James Kennedy, Harry Georgiou, and Dylan Georgiou. James’ parents have appeared multiple times on Vanderpump Rules.


His mother Jacqueline was recently featured in season 10 as she met James’ new girlfriend Ally Lewber. During the meeting, she too encouraged James to continue drinking, however, asked him to be cautious.

For those unaware, James had quit drinking when he was dating Raquel Leviss. But now he has started again, which has caused drama and embarrassment for his co-stars.

James and Andros’ conversation in Vanderpump Rules season 10 episode 8

In Vanderpump Rules season 10 episode 8, James and his dad Andros met at the former’s apartment.

James mentioned how “quitting drinking” helped him. Agreeing with his son’s words, Andros said:

“I thought it was amazing you did that. To believe that you can still do DJ and not have a drink, that is simple impossible. I don’t care how much money you gonna buy me. But I didn’t see you as having, you know, a crazy problem. Binge drinking is a…is a wall of passage.”

He later mentioned that he never thought Raquel was the girl for his son James. While he criticized Raquel, Andros stated that he could see Ally marrying James.

Meanwhile, the Vanderpump Rules star was seen getting into fights with his co-stars and friends in episode 8.

The official synopsis of the latest episode read:

“Lisa and Ariana plan a surprise bridal shower for Scheana; James makes it his mission to score Ally an invitation to the wedding; Raquel and Schwartz take their flirting to the next level; the group travels to Cancun to celebrate Brock and Scheana.”

The group went to Mexico for Scheana Ray’s wedding but a lot of drama took place when James got drunk and was mean and rude to Lala Kent and Ariana Madix. The trio fought at the end of episode 8, followed by Ally being upset and leaving the scene.

Vanderpump Rules airs new episodes every Wednesday on Bravo at 9.00 pm ET.


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