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All you need to know about Sister Wilhelmina (Image via Twitter/@quietcathmouse)

Who is Sister Wilhelmina? Identity revealed as intact body of exhumed nun continues to take netizens by shock

Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster's body was exhumed in April 2023, and her body was found intact without any sign of decomposition. Notably, she died at the age of 95 in 2019. The news of the same has left people in shock, and a number of visitors are also coming to see and touch the body of Sister Wilhelmina.

In an exclusive TV interview, the nuns said that they were removing the body of Sister Lancaster to place it somewhere else so that they could make way for a construction project. However, what came to their attention was that they found the completely intact body of Sister Wilhelmina with no sign of decay.


The nuns said that they were expecting to find bones because she had just been buried in a wooden coffin. However, what they saw was "a perfectly preserved religious habit."

The monastery also released a statement in which they said,

"Sister Wilhelmina's body will be placed in a glass shrine in their church."

Sister Wilhelmina made the decision to become a nun at the age of 13


Sister Lancaster was born in St. Louis to Mary Elizabeth Lancaster on April 13, 1924. She made the decision to become a nurse at the age of 13. Moreover, in her autobiography, it was mentioned that when she was nine, she experienced a vision, and she mentioned,

"Our Lord asked me if I would be his. He seemed to be such a handsome and wonderful Man, I agreed immediately. Then He told me to meet Him every Sunday at Holy Communion. I said nothing about this conversation to anyone, believing that everyone that went to Holy Communion heard Our Lord talk to them."

After she mentioned this experience to her family, her priest asked her if she would like to become a nun, and she immediately said yes to that. She said,

"I am a girl, 13 years old, and I would like to become a nun. I plan to come to your convent as soon as possible."

However, she learned that she would have to wait to finish high school to go through the process of becoming a nun. She died on May 29, 2019, after almost eight decades of serving as a nun.

Netizens call the discovery of Sister Wilhelmina's intact body with no sign of decomposition a miracle

As social media users came across this piece of news, some said that it is shocking news. Many Catholics started hailing Sister Lancaster as a form of god and saying that they are lucky to know about this.

This is ironic. A BLACK nun called Sister Wilhelmina died aged 95 in 2019. Her coffin was buried for four years in a corner of the abbey's land. I am not sure why she was exhumed but when she was (recently) her body was found to be incorrupt.
Now thousands of white Catholics are
From sister Wilhelmina’s biography. A poem she wrote, and a little bit about her. Working on something shareable, on a larger scale.
Experts say Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, whose body exhumed after four or so years was found to be incorruptible, with little decay is not uncommon. I believe the Church knows this. It's being investigated. Either way, it looks like she led saintly life & may canonized one day.
Incorruptible Sister #WilhelminaLancaster should be sainted. "Thousands flocked to a small Missouri town over the weekend to see the exhumed body of a nun who has barely decomposed since she died in 2019.
Sister Wilhelmina Lancaster, 95, was exhumed in April, nearly four years… twitter.com/i/web/status/1…
Sister Wilhelmina, a Catholic nun with a beautiful story, even in death. Her body remains preserved!!!! ✝️
Still thinking about when I went to see Sister Wilhelmina in Gower, Missouri on Friday. Genuinely interesting to have an opportunity like this so soon after I start questioning my religion.
Have any of my friends gone to see the body of #SisterWilhelmina in Missouri ?

Sounds like a miracle has happened !
Sr. Wilhelmina gave her whole life to follow, serve, and love Jesus as a consecrated religious sister.
The miraculous state of her body points to Jesus' power over death, the hope of His Resurrection, and our own hope that we will be with Him forever in heaven.

The NYT reported that around 10,000 to 15,000 worshippers visited the chapel of the Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, in Gower to see the body of Sister Lancaster.


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