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“Why is Zach whispering?”: The Bachelor fans react to Zach and Kaity’s date night at the museum

The Bachelor Season 27 entered its third week this Monday with a brand new episode, featuring a one-on-one date between Zach and Kaity.

Episode 3 started with Zach asking her on a night date. For those unaware, previous seasons always had a one-on-one date on the day, followed by dinner. This time, he tried something different and took Kaity to a museum at night.


Since they were the only ones there, fans were confused about why they were whispering.

#TheBachelor Why is Zach whispering? There are only two of them in the museum

Kaity returned to the Bachelor's mansion in the morning after spending the night in a tent at the museum with Zach.

“Speak up”: Fans take a dig at Zach’s voice during his date with Kaity


In The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3, Zach Shallcross took Kaity on a one-on-one date to a museum at night. While it was romantic, fans wondered why Zach was whispering the entire time, as there were only two of them present.

Not only did they take a dig at Zach and Kaity’s whispering-filled date, but also compared their date to Ben Stiller’s Night at the Museum.

Take a look at their reactions:

i know it’s a museum, but why are they whispering so much?? speak up #thebachelor
Is Zach kind of whispering on the museum date!? You know they can’t hear you right?#TheBachelor #bachelor
Why are they whispering? #TheBachelor
The way they’re whispering for no reason is making me uncomfy #TheBachelor
Production: describe your dream date.


All this date needs is these two making a cameo #TheBachelor

Kaity and Zach’s date ended with the latter asking her to spend the night after giving her a rose. A comfy tent was set up inside the museum with two beds, and the pair was seen retiring there at night.

The remaining suitresses were jealous of Kaity’s date as she arrived the next morning. While one of them described it as a “walk of shame,” another stated that Kaity had her “fantasy suite” moment.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3's synopsis

Each episode mostly ends with a rose ceremony where Zach bids farewell to a few women. In the previous episode, Victoria J., Kimberly, and Catherine left the show.

Zach gave roses to 17 women who advanced to Episode 3. The ladies included:

  • Aly, 26, from Atlanta, Georgia
  • Anastasia, 30, from San Diego, California
  • Ariel, 28, from New York, New York
  • Bailey, 27, from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Brianna, 24, from Jersey City, New Jersey
  • Brooklyn, 25, from Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Charity, 26, from Columbus, Georgia
  • Christina, 26, from Nashville, Tennessee
  • Davia, 25, from Charleston, South Carolina
  • Gabriella “Gabi,” 25, from Pittsford, Vermont
  • Genevie, 26, from Baltimore City, Maryland
  • Greer, 24, from Houston, Texas
  • Jessica “Jess,” 23, from Winter Springs, Florida
  • Kaitlyn “Kaity,” 27, from Austin, Texas
  • Katherine, 26, from Tampa, Florida
  • Kylee, 25, from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Mercedes, 24, from Bloomfield, Iowa

The official synopsis of The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 3 reads:

“During a crucial week, Zach takes two lucky women on jaw-dropping one-on-one dates featuring prehistoric creatures and a romantic musical performance. Plus, the Bachelor Bowl returns, featuring Shawne Merriman, Antonio Gates and Hannah Storm.”

Kaity and Aly got the chance to go on a one-on-one date in Episode 3, while the remaining ladies went for a group date with Zach. By the end of the latest episode, he might eliminate more women from the season.

The Bachelor Season 27 airs new episodes on Mondays at 8:00 pm ET on ABC.


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