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Jennie in The Idol (Image via Twitter/@jensamour, Instagram/@jennierubyjane)

"You're so famous": HBO's The Idol garners more attention for BLACKPINK Jennies presence in the series

The internet blew up some time ago following the announcement of BLACKPINK Jennie's appearance in HBO's The Idol. As fans eagerly awaited its premiere on Sunday, June 4, the pilot episode titled Pop Tarts & Rat Tales became the talk of the town. The Solo singer appeared in a scene of episode 1 as a backup dancer and rolled out what was labeled as a provocative and seductive dance.

Many netizens had unsettling feelings about the same, primarily since it competed with Korean standards.


However, despite the new series holding Lily-Rose Depp as its protagonist, who plays Jocelyn, an aspiring singer aiming to stabilize her career, the small account of Jennie's appearance in a scene that barely sums up to two minutes became the major eye-catcher of The Idol.

While the series reached up to 913, 000 views on its opening night, Jennie's clip alone crossed over 2 million views of YouTube, which continues to increase rapidly as of yet.

from "jennie ruby jane from blacklink" to "jennie from hotpink" jennie girl you're so famous


"Only entertaining part was watching Jennie dancing": Fans seem to love BLACKPINK's Jennie in The Idol over the series itself

It's no secret that BLACKPINK's Jennie stands as one of the most popular K-pop artists in the industry currently. The four-member girl group has been known for its addictive tracks and chart-dominating albums, making all the group members one of the most famous faces in the entertainment industry. However, Jennie has, time and again, garnered attention more specifically for her many extracurricular activities.

The Pink Venom singer has been quite active the past year, shocking fans with her undying visuals and influencing the internet with her ever-dominating charisma. Be it her stunning presence at the 2023 Met Gala red carpet, recently held Cannes Film Festival, or her viral dance videos during the group's Born Pink World Tour, she surely secured her position as a consistent talk of the town. As the idol continues the same with her feature in The Idol, fans couldn't be happier to witness the overflow of content.

first episode of the idol was so bad, the dialogues are so 2015 overdone tumblr template… only entertaining part was watching jennie dancing bc everything else was trash
"#JENNIE - The Idol (Full Dance Scene)" is now the 2nd Most Viewed video related to "THE IDOL" on YouTube surpassing "THE IDOL Trailer 4 2023 (2,1M)" and "The Idol | Official Teaser | HBO (2M)".
.... how i watched the parts where jennie wasn't on screen in #TheIdol twitter.com/popbase/status…
‘The Idol’ ranks as the #1 most popular TV series online following its premiere. (via Television Stats)
I love it when Universe is always on her side 🤭 Jennie ruby jane starting her acting career with Recognition and Praises all around the world, a long way to go but I do know Jennie will work hard for everything and as her fans we also need to work extra hard to for her.
Ouuuuu I know it makes blinks blood
boil that Jennie and Jennie alone is getting recognized and praised for her acting by so many respected and established articles and outlets they were waiting for their moment to start acting up

Ever since the fans saw her at the 2023 Cannes Film Festival for the preview of the series, fans held quite high expectations for it. However, to much of their disappointment, viewers have only seemed to love the SOLO singer's scene in the series so far in the entirety of the first episode. Many expressed that the series progressed boringly and that the only aspect that garnered the most attention was Jennie's dance scene with her fellow backup dancers.

However, love was not all that the scene received. For those who watched her feature in The Idol, would be aware of the fact that it was quite provocative. While many didn't expect the same to roll out with her feature, the BLACKPINK member's role in the series was widely appreciated, praising her for her skills that were revealed to fans for the first time. Regardless, many disliked it for its provocativeness.

THIS!! also, there are provocative dances and lyrics in kpop. so why is it only a problem when it's jennie??
do kpop stans expect jennie did baby voice in school uniform outfits in the idol??
And who’s to thank ? Muva Jennie Ruby Jane ofc ! No one’s watching for lily or Abel let’s be fr most ppl only watch it for Jennie, shows boring yet Jennie still gave kunt, Lily too but we don’t care about her that much nor Abel, they’re not catching my attention like Jennie does twitter.com/popbase/status…
‘The Idol’ ranks as the #1 most popular TV series online following its premiere. (via Television Stats)
Every Idol can have Kdrama but not everyone have the chance nor opportunity to be in Hollywood and seeing someone you mocking her role nor her line is too funny cause can your idol be in hollywood production in just one snap? i bet not right so pay respect to jennie's name

Many criticized her for rolling out a proactive dance routine that failed to match Korean standards. Regardless, many loved how the Korean singer showcased her impeccable dance movements and her impressive acting skills given that this is her first series. People also defended the artist stating that she's old and mature enough to engage in the currently criticized kind of content.

The Idol will air its next episode on Sunday, June 11, on HBO.

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