Spanish host Pablos Motos makes racist comment on BTS' J-hope (Image via Twitter/@BTSGlobalCharts)

“You will regret crossing ARMYs”: BTS fans call out Spanish host for making a racist comment on J-hope

ARMYs have called out popular Spanish host Pablos Motos for making racist comments against BTS member J-hope on the Spanish show El Hormiguero.

The Jack in the Box hitmaker recently attended Dior’s Fashion show in Paris, where he was seated alongside his bandmate Jimin and many other international celebrities. At the fashion show, he was praised for his fashion and star power display.


However, Spanish host and comedian Pablos Motos had some unflattering words for the Arson singer. The host was discussing various celebrities, one of which happened to be BTS' J-hope. Reacting to the Jack in the Box singer, the comedian-host said, “friki japonés,” which translates to Japanese Freak.

Enraged ARMYs took to Twitter to slam Pablos Motos for making such a racist comment about J-hope. User @yoongisrinn wrote:

"You'll regret crossing with the Armys."

@tae7gi You'll regret crossing Armys.


ARMYs defend BTS’ J-hope against racist comments made on the Spanish show El Hormiguero

After Pablos Motos made the racist comment about J-hope, BTS’ fans have lambasted the Spanish comedian for categorizing all East Asians into one category. Moreover, they also added that he ignorantly called the BTS member a Japanese when he is South Korean.

Fans have also taken offense to the word “freak,” which has a negative connotation. ARMYs have taken to social media to defend the Jack in the Box singer against the racist comments. As it happens, they have demanded Pablos Motos’ removal from El Hormiguero and that he and the Spanish show issue an apology to the MORE singer and his fandom.

this is pablo motos, a famous spanish tv host, known for always making misogynistic/racist/etc jokes. in this video, he’s calling hoseok a “japanese freak” just because hobi is asian and wearing a skirt in the picture. armys spread !!!!!
@tae7gi why does this person still have a platform?? can we report this to bh so they can be sued
@tae7gi How is that person KNOWN for making misogynistic and racist jokes and still be given a platform????
@tae7gi I am not surprised one bit…im so sick of these people saying this constantly about bts or asian men in general they try to feminize. first being “feminine” is not a bad thing at all. And wearing “feminine” things does not make one weird or a “freak”
@tae7gi We condemn the racist comment made by Mr. Pablo Motos of the program
@El_Hormiguero In which he addresses J-HOPE in a derogatory way calling him a "Japanese geek". We demand due respect to the Artist. The attitude of these people does not represent us!
@JIMINNEEDSJAMS7 @tae7gi Racist and misogynistic people find each other
@tae7gi How this problematic person still have a platform and work in Media ?????
@tae7gi let’s send email to bighit first
@tae7gi What a terrible human being. How does anybody even follow him? Disgusting.

This isn’t the first time a BTS member has received unnecessary hate and xenophobic comments targeted at them. Moreover, ARMYs have stated that Pablo Motos is known for making racist and misogynist comments on El Hormiguero.

BTS’ J-hope’s Spanish fanbase has also issued a statement from their end, condemning the racist and derogatory usage of the word “freak” on El Hormiguero. In addition, they revealed that the host’s attitude is not reflective of Spanish people’s overwhelming love for BTS and its members.

We condemn the racist comment made by Pablo Motos of the Spanish program @El_Hormiguero, where he addresses J-HOPE in a derogatory way calling him a "Japanese geek". We expect full accountability for this. Do better.

So far, El Hormiguero has not issued a statement of clarification on the issue.

BTS’ J-hope’s MORE outfit auctioned for charity


Some more pictures of j-hope which he posted in his stories

[Instagram Stories 📸]

uarmyhope 🐿️…

BTS’ J-hope has recently auctioned his outfit from the pre-release song MORE for charity. The entire ensemble, which included a stylish dark jumpsuit, bunny ears, and Jack in the Box album photoshoot was listed for auction with MusiCares.

Unsurprisingly, the Arson singer's pre-auction has surpassed the original pre-auction of $4,000 USD to $6,000 USD and currently stands at $12,500 USD, with a little over a week remaining until the auction ends. However, this isn’t the first time BTS has auctioned their outfits or valuables for charity at MusiCares.

In 2020, the Proof singers sold their colored microphones used throughout their Love Yourself tour for $83,200 USD. It was originally estimated to sell between $10,000 USD and $20,000 USD. However, BTS surpassed that range. Not only that, the septet’s Dynamite music video outfits were also sold for a staggering $162,500 USD.

In other news, the Arson singer's solo documentary J-hope in the Box will be released on February 17, a day before the singer’s birthday, on Disney Plus and Weverse worldwide.

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