Nike Dunk Low Wonka shoes (Image via Wonka)

Nike Dunk Low “Wonka” shoes: Everything we know so far

Nike has a knack for interesting sneaker collaborations, and its newest one with the Wonka movie for Nike Dunk Low "Wonka" shoes is another addition to its extensive catalog. As a way to celebrate the energy of the motion picture Wonka, Nike will be holding an exclusive contest to promote the movie.

For the chance to win one of these exceptional pairs, which are only available in a limited quantity of five units, fans are invited to send in videos that are one minute long and showcase their creativity, which is driven by Willy Wonka.


The Nike Dunk Low “Wonka” shoes are exclusive and would be given as a reward to the winners of the Wonka contest. Note that the contest period ends on December 3, and the winners will be announced on December 14, as stated on

Nike Dunk Low “Wonka” shoes will be offered in themed wooden boxes

Take a closer look at the sneakers (Image via Wonka)

Timothee Chalamet has created a limited-edition Nike Dunk Low "Wonka" shoe, which is motivated by the lead role he plays in the soon-to-be-released movie of the same name.


This footwear item is a perfect example of how shoe culture and cinematic society come together. In the course of his voyage to the headquarters of Nike, which is located in Beaverton, Oregon, Chalamet participated in an experience that was reminiscent of Wonka's World.

Timothee Chalamet said in an exclusive interview with Complex:

"I definitely never thought I would get to be able to say that I got to design a Nike shoe, let alone a Dunk."

The end result is simply stupendous, as it successfully combines whimsical aspects with elegant craftsmanship.


A sturdy wooden box is used to store the "Wonka" Dunks, and a luxurious velvet shoe bag that is embellished with an exquisite "W" is used to carry the shoes inside during delivery.


There is a kaleidoscope of purple, burgundy, and blue shades that have been applied with an appearance similar to that of crayons, and they float across the top. The layout is a wonder of playfulness.

This vivacious pattern is a wonderful complement to the sleek and intricate profile swooshes that are featured on the shoe. Lace, tongues, front eyelets, and inner lining complete the enchanted appearance, all of which are a reflection of the sophistication of Wonka's suit.

Citing his source of motivation from Nike SB's "What the Dunk" and Sacai x Nike stacking techniques:

"It’s unlike any pair of Dunks I've ever seen."

He further adds:

"I just didn't know how it would come out and they totally nailed it."

The official Instagram page for Wonka shared a glimpse of these Nike Dunk Lows, the caption of which reads:

“A hat full of dreams needs a good pair of shoes to match. Winners will receive a custom pair of Nike sneakers fit for the inventor in all of us. (Warning: the shoes may look sweet, but please do not attempt to eat them.)”
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Don’t miss out on your chance on these chic Nike Dunk Low “Wonka” shoes. For complete details on this contest, interested readers are urged to check out the official website,


This isn’t the only sneaker partnership Wonka has entered into. The movie also joined forces with the Nike-owned Converse brand to create a beautiful themed sneaker collection.

This collection is also getting ready for launch on December 7, 2023, ahead of the movie’s worldwide release on December 8, 2023. These sneakers will be sold on the online as well as offline sites of Converse and its connected retail stores.


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