Nike Air Jordan 1 Low Deep Violet colorway (Image via Nike)

Nike’s Air Jordan 1 Low “Deep Violet” shoes: Where to buy, price, and more details explored 

The legendary Air Jordan signature footwear line was first introduced by Nike and Michael Jordan's joint-owned company. With each new release, the team maintains its dominance over sneakerheads. The brand had a successful year in 2022 thanks to the introduction of the revamped "Lost and Found" as well as "Reverse Mocha" designs for the Air Jordan 1.

The latest in a long series of identifiable Jordan Brand interpretations of the iconic sneaker is the Air Jordan 1 in the "Deep Violet" colorway.


The new Nike Air Jordan 1 Low "Deep Violet" colorway will hit shelves in the coming weeks. These footwear items will be made available via Nike, its SNKRS app, plus a few other specialized retail stores, though the shoe manufacturer has not yet disclosed the drop dates.

Each pair of these minimal sneaker styles will be available for $110 at retail. Fans of the Jordan Brand will need to wait right until the official launch dates are announced.

Nike's Air Jordan 1 Low shoes will arrive in "Deep Violet" makeup with stark white accents

Take a closer look at the arriving Air Jordan 1 Low sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

The 1984 release of the now-iconic Air Jordan 1 model, a collaboration between Michael Jordan and Nike, caused a significant upheaval in the sneaker market. The partnership between the two fuses hoops, fashion, and street style.

Historic Air Jordan 1 has the following history, according to the Swoosh web page about the Jordan Brand:

“It could be said that Michael Jordan was the genesis of basketball as we know it today. Throughout a fiery and storied career, the tireless MJ overcame his hurdles, soaring above challenge after challenge to realize the unexpected.”
Here's a look at the uppers of the sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

It further reads,

“Along the way, he redefined basketball's relationship to style, the sport's connection to youth counter-culture and the game's creative potential. Like Jordan himself, his eponymous footwear arrived with a bang, sharing its namesake's tradition-breaking bravado.”

The Air Jordan 1 Low strives to provide various options within the brand's massive retro collection, from offering a third "Flight Club" fitting tribute to harmonizing completely embroidered Nike swoosh. A violet-treated version of the low-cut model was added to the roster in advance of spring as the inline collection was broadened throughout the outset of the year.

Clean white tones applied all across the ankle, mid-foot panel, tongue structure, and laces serve as a simpler base coat for the sleek leather overlay's dark violet paint scheme with a navy blue undertone, continuing to define the silhouette's different shades free of distinctive color blocks.

Take a look at the outsoles of these low-top shoes (Image via Sportskeeda)

The heel collar's subtle layer of lavender intervenes between the apparent two-toned top in unison with the shade of the rearward embroidered winged emblem, further encompassing the tongue trim and sock liner, plus Jumpman insignia.

A fresh pair of Air Jordan 1 Low "Deep Violet" basketball shoes will join the Jordan Brand lineup in the coming days. To access information promptly about the pending rollout, fans of the athlete may easily register on Swoosh's dedicated e-commerce site or use the Nike SNKRS app.


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