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Physical 100 episodes 5 & 6 recap: Winning teams, 5 additional survivors, third quest and more

Netflix released two more new episodes of Physical 100 on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. Episodes 5 and 6 featured the second quest’s results and the beginning of the third quest.

Five teams, consisting of five contestants each, won the second quest, and five teams were eliminated. However, a twist was introduced when the 25 winning contestants were waiting for their third challenge.


The Physical100 voice announced:

“Along with you, who are here, there are additional survivors who will participate in the next quest.”

The additional five contestants were from the eliminated teams, who were given a second chance to get back into the game. While they were assigned a difficult challenge, five (out of the 25 eliminated contestants) succeeded in earning a spot back in the competition series.


Who won the second quest in episode 5?

In episode 5 of Physical 100, the second quest was a competition to fill up a sandbag. The challenge was held between two teams, where each team had to cross a shaky wooden bridge, walk downstairs, fill up sand in small bags, carry them back through the stairs and the wooden bridge to their starting point, and fill up a giant sandbag. The game would be won by whoever filled the most sand.

After the second quest, the winning teams included Jang Eun-sil, Ma Sun-ho, Yun Sung-bin, Choo Sung-hoon, and Jo Jin-hyeong.

Titled The Uninvited Guests, Physical 100 episode 5’s official synopsis read:

“Team engage in a multi-step challenge to test strategy, synergy and strength. Those who survive the intense game are met with a surprise.”

The surprise was the announcement of the additional five survivors returning to the competition.

Physical 100 episode 6 introduced the third quest


Physical 100 episode 6 picked up where the previous installment left off, introducing five additional players who returned to the competition. In addition to the five winning teams, another team was formed that included the returnees — Kim Sang-wook, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Seong Chi-hyun, and Sim Eu-ddeum.

The first half of the sixth episode on Netflix featured the eliminated contestants’ challenge of weight balance. It was the final retrieval challenge of the season as no more second chances will be given to eliminated players in upcoming episodes.

Once six winning teams were formed, the third quest’s announcement was made. In the third challenge, each team has to join another group that they think would help in winning the third quest.

The official synopsis of Physical 100 episode 6, titled The Weight of Survival, read:

“The competition gets heated as the winners move on to the next round, where they’ll be required to form alliances.”

30 survivors, aka six teams, started making allies with each other who they thought would be the best team to play with in the third round. After the merger, three teams of 10 contestants were formed.


The first allied team included Choo Sung-hoon’s teammates Shin Bo-mi-rae, Woo Jin-Yong, Kim Min-Cheol, and Dustin Nippert, plus, Jo Jin-hyeong’s teammates Jung Hae-min, Park Jin-yong, Cho Jung-myung, and Kim Da-young.

Second team: Yun Sung-bin’s teammates — Cha Hyun-seung, Son Hee-dong, Seoul Ki-kwan, Kim Sik, and Ma Sun-ho’s team players — Jeong Han-saem, Kim Kang-min, Miracle, and Song A-reum.

The third team for the third quest in the Squid Games-inspired reality show included: Jang Eun-sil’s team members Seo Ha-yan, Miho, Park Hyung-geun, and Yang Hak-seon, and the additional 5 survivors — Kim Sang-wook, Lee Jun-myeong, Choi Sung-hyuk, Seong Chi-hyun, and Sim Eu-ddeum.

Dragging a ship weighing 1.5-tons was the third quest's difficult task. The team that will bring the ship to its destination in lesser time will win the competition. Episode 6 ended with the first team completing the task and the second team struggling to reach halfway.

In the upcoming episode of Physical 100, viewers will find out which team won the third quest and which 10 participants were eliminated from the show.

Physical 100 episodes 7 and 8 will be available on Tuesday, February 14, 2023, on Netflix. The reality TV show consists of 10 episodes in total and the winner will receive a cash prize of 300 million KRW.

Meanwhile, all six episodes of Physical 100 are available on Netflix.


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