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Quantum Leap season 1 episode 12 recap: A new meaning to being in someone else's body

The very intriguing Quantum Leap returned this week with a new episode starring Raymond Lee as Ben Song, who wakes up to yet another experience that changes the way he sees the world. The new reboot of the famous Quantum Leap already seems to have gained a significant following and is now exploring more socially and culturally relevant themes.

Being a sci-fi drama with such an intriguing premise, Quantum Leap has every element to make it more aware and relevant. That's precisely what the creators aimed for in the latest episode of the NBC show.


The latest episode also featured a leap that was much closer to Ben's real timeline. The team was also able to figure out some significant details about Ben and his past. With a slight variation in the narrative, this episode sees Ben try to save a girl's dreams and not her life.

Read on for a detailed recap of Quantum Leap season 1, episode 12.

Quantum Leap season 1, episode 12 recap: Saving the dreams of a young trans girl

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In the twelfth episode of Quantum Leap, Ben leaps into the body of a high school coach in 2012 and realizes that there is a problem with almost no plausible solution in the household. Ben's new body is of Carlos Mendez, whose daughter, a trans girl, is having trouble at school as the administration, students and many others refuse to accept her on the girls' basketball team.

Ben does try to connect with the young girl using his experience of being in different bodies, but this particular thing is far more complicated than what he has faced before. So unlike the previous episodes, this time Ben's mission becomes not just saving a life but a soul. As Gia, the girl in question, gets closer and closer to doing something rashly that would jeopardize her future, he tries hard to connect with her and make her understand that she should accept herself.

Eventually, Ben realizes that Gia's struggles are not limited to the school and the team and that this is something she will continue to face in the future. So instead of trying to change the way people around them think, Ben lets the young girl play on the team despite the wishes of the school authorities. Slowly, the tide turns and Gia finds out that there are so many more willing to support her on game day. This changes the young girl's perspective and how she looks at life, effectively giving her a lifeline.

Next Monday, Quantum Leap will be putting the spotlight on a trans story in a time where our rights are one of the most aggressively debated issues in the political landscape, and I couldn’t be more proud. Representation can be radical, and this is why I hope you all tune in @nbc

On the other side of the map, Jenn (Nanrisa Lee) tracks down a woman named Dottie, who allegedly met with Ben before he decided to leap. Upon interacting with the woman, they realize that she was not herself when this happened, a phenomenon all viewers are familiar with by now.

The team also discovered that Ian (Mason Alexander Park) was another quantum leaper who could have gotten into Dottie's body and interacted with Ben. While many things are unclear about this interaction, this is a driving plot point that will likely persist in the future. A lot of things could be happening in the future with both Ben and Leaper X, things that will likely form the background of the rest of the story.

Quantum Leap will return soon with an all-new episode. Stay tuned for updates.

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