RHOA season 15 airs a brand new episode this Sunday (Image via sanyarichiross/Instagram)

RHOA season 15 episode 4 release date, air time, and plot

The Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA) season 15 is all set to air a brand new episode on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Bravo. It will document the cast members spending quality time with each other, while also navigating personal and professional commitments and engaging in conflicts and heated arguments over impending issues, causing a lot of drama.

Episode 4 of RHOA will see the cast members gathering at Kenya Moore's half-time performance, where the drama will follow as the ladies try to resolve their differences. The cast already has strained relationships, which will come to the forefront in the upcoming episode, giving viewers quality content to watch.


The hit Bravo series has received a fair share of love and criticism over the past few years that it has been on air. Cast members of season 13 include the return of OG housewives Kim Zolciak, Lisa Wu, and DeShawn Snow. Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Shereé Whitfield, Drew Sidora, Marlo Hampton, and Sanya Richards-Ross are fellow castmates.

The show also added two newcomers for the latest installment - Monyetta Shaw-Carter and Courtney Rhodes.


This week's episode of RHOA will see the cast attending Kenya Moore's performance in Alabama


Season 15 of RHOA has packed a lot of drama in the past few weeks. The ladies have already had impending issues from the past season, and it has only continued in this installment. This week will see the cast members attending Kenya Moore's half-time performance of the Magic-City Classic football game in Birmingham, Alabama, where viewers can expect significant drama.

The official synopsis of the episode, titled The Buck Stops in Birmingham, reads:

"Kenya invites the ladies to Birmingham, Alabama, to watch her surprise half-time performance at the Magic City Classic football game; Sanya struggles with blurred lines between family and work as her assistant/brother-in-law quits."

While rehearsing with castmate Monyetta Shaw for her performance, Kenya Moore received a call from her boyfriend Roi. In a confessional, she reflected on their relationship and said:

"At the time we met, I was still going through a divorce. I've been separated since 2019. Waiting years for a divorce. I'm not waiting anymore. Mark (Daly) just won't sign the divorce papers and walk away. But I need to move on. Could that partner be Roi? He definitely has my attention."

The RHOA cast members came to watch Kenya Moore's performance, but were only left disappointed with the venue. They were bombarded with fans asking for pictures and hugs, only to be more confused. In a confessional, Sheree Whitfield wondered if they were dropped off at the wrong address because "this is definitely not the upscale event Kenya's been raving about."


Sanya Richards Ross and Marlo Hampton were traveling to the event when the latter expressed how grateful she was to the life coach for her guidance, as she was able to manage her emotional outburst at fellow castmate Drew Sidora last week. While they managed to arrive at the venue on time, the duo slammed Kenya for leaving them behind. The latter expressed that they didn't get dressed in time.


In a confessional on RHOA, Sanya said:

"All this hoopla for this..The way Kenya laid it out, I thought we were showing up for the Met Gala, honey. What's going on?"

Marlo called the cocktail party "definitely lame like Kenya, who is looking like a low-rent Carrie Bradshaw."


Season 15 of RHOA has been dramatic with each passing episode. The installment has only begun and has already documented several conflicts. The coming weeks will see the ladies get involved in even more complicated issues, leading to more heated arguments and conflicts.

Don't forget to tune in to this week's episode on Sunday, May 28, 2023, at 8 pm ET on Bravo.


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