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  • Seasmoke returns in House of the Dragon season 2 (But with a rider who isn't Laenor Valaryon)
Seasmoke returns in House of the Dragon season 2 (Image via HBO MAX)

Seasmoke returns in House of the Dragon season 2 (But with a rider who isn't Laenor Valaryon)

House of the Dragon season 2 has finally restored faith in fans by promising a sequel with an official teaser that fans keenly awaited. The trailer had fans on the edge of their seats with its portrayal of Rhaenyra’s grief at Storm’s End over Lucerys’ death and the divided Westeros preparing for an impending war.

The Key events teased intense confrontation at the shaping of Westeros’ fate, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the Dance of the Dragons. One of the major unanticipated comebacks in the series is revealed to be of Seasmoke, Laenor Valaryon’s dragon, who disappeared after his master ran away with his lover by abandoning everything.


Surprisingly, Seasmoke now has a new rider named Addam of Hull, portrayed by Clinton Liberty. Given that the dragons in George R.R. Martin’s universe choose their rider on their own, Addam indeed has some connection with the beast that will be explored in House of the Dragon season 2.

Disclaimer: This article contains major spoilers for House of the Dragon season 2.


House of the Dragon season 2: Who is Addam of Hull


The origins of Addam and his brother Alyn remained a matter of dispute among historians, which is why his lineage has often been questioned in Fire and Blood. However, their mother, Marilda, claimed that Laenor Velaryon fathered her children. This has certainly confused fans, given Laenor’s lack of interest in women. Additionally, they were also rumored to be Corlys Valaryon’s bastard sons.

Addam will be playing a pivotal role during the Dance of the Dragons civil war, where he would leave a major mark in the Battle of the Gullet. As seen in the teaser, where Rhaenyra comes face-to-face with a mysterious individual alongside Seasmoke, many believe this person to be Laenor. However, much to fans’s disappointment, Leanor did not appear in the teaser.

Syrax and Seasmoke with their riders (Image via HBO MAX)

Seasmoke again made a second appearance in the teaser by flying over the new character, which still didn’t give a good glance at Clinton Liberty as Addam of Hull. However, this particular scene provided confirmation that Seasmoke acquired a new rider, which is evident from the closer look at Addam’s distinct appearance, which differed from Laenor’s.


In the books, the Blacks faction of Rhaenyra needed more dragonriders for the upcoming battle. Jacaerys decided to send a message to all volunteers for The Sowing, an attempt by men and women to claim a dragon. Upon listening to the Queen’s call, Addam and his brother Alyn were among the many who came forward.

Addam managed to bond with Seasmoke in little to no time (which might be due to the connection Seasmoke had with Laenor), but Alyn struggled to tame Sheepstealer, one of three wild dragons who lived on Dragonstone. Regardless of the Hull siblings’ complicated origins, Rhanyra will wholeheartedly accept them in her cause, as she is in desperate need of forces to withstand the Dance of the Dragons.

Who plays Addam of Hull in House of the Dragon season 2

Clinton Liberty as Adam of Hull (Image via HBO MAX)

The actor playing the role of Addam of Hull remained undisclosed up until the release of House of the Dragon season 2 teaser, with lots of rumors swirling around the internet. However, it has finally been confirmed that Clinton Liberty will portray the role of Laenor’s bastard in the sequel and beyond.

The Irish-born actor recently gained popularity for his roles in Red Election as Marcus and in Graham Norton’s Holding as Linus Dunne. Considering his impressive portfolio within the film industry, his involvement in House of the Dragon season 2 marks a pivotal moment that is anticipated to elevate and further solidify his career trajectory substantially.

Will Laenor Valaryon return in House of the Dragon season 2

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One of the intriguing questions lingering among fans is whether Laenor Valaryon will make a return in House of the Dragon season 2. However, the answer to this remains undisclosed. Laenor, played by John MacMillan, last appeared in the seventh episode “Driftmark” of season 1, where he abandoned everything, faked his death, and rowed away with his lover Qarl Correy.

In the original books, it was revealed that Laenor was killed by his lover before the Dance of the Dragons even began. It is unknown whether Leanor will make an appearance in House of the Dragon season 2 in a flashback or will make a grand comeback in the series. Rhaenyra could definitely use his aid against the Greens.

However, since Seasmoke has already been claimed by Addam the Hull, his return would make no sense and will even further complicate the current dynamics in the storyline.

Stay tuned for more news and updates on House of the Dragon season 2 as 2023 progresses.

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