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A still of Jung Hae In and Jisoo in Snowdrop (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)

Snowdrop’s latest teaser shocks fans as it spells tragedy for Jung Hae In and Jisoo

JTBC has dropped a new teaser for Snowdrop on their official social media handles. Unlike the previous ones which excited fans, this one made them sad. Featuring Jung Hae In and Jisoo, the latest video saw Jung Hae In in tears as he reminisced about happier times.

He remembered the time when he had met Jisoo at a ball and the two had danced together, but now he is filled with regret. Of course, it intrigued the audience as it posed the question “What transpired between the lovers?” Yet the intensity of the teaser also worried fans.


They did not want the show to be a tragedy. Many reacted in the comment sections and begged for a happy ending for the show. Another clip, released by Snowdrop, was also referred to by fans who speculated that the chances of Snowdrop ending in tragedy were high.


Fans speculate about Snowdrop's ending after recent teaser release

The duality of Jisoo, which was earlier appreciated, was revisited and the question of whether Jisoo's character will really shoot Jung Hae In arose. The plot revealed that she was the one who helped him while he was on the run from the government. So why would she point a gun at him? Even as the interest and anticipation surrounding the show has increased, there is also worry about the ending.

@verhaint oh my ! whats with the sad endings now adays. im already stress with jisoo's snowdrop and now this??!! oh please no ! not another heartbreaking ending. jebaaaaall 😭😭💔
7:25 AM · Nov 27, 2021
And you know what's sadder for all teumeblinks? Back to back angst for them... First #TheMysteriousClass and then #Snowdrop (tho it's not confirmed a sad ending still)
9:45 AM · Nov 27, 2021
snowdrop sad ending confirmed 😫
7:29 AM · Nov 27, 2021
apesal teaser snowdrop sedih
dont give sad ending to my jisoo pls
5:33 AM · Nov 27, 2021

The setting takes place in the 1980s and the backdrop is the pro-democracy movement. Young Cho is a student who meets Im Soo Ho while he is on the run. Her decision to give him refuge will mark the start of an intense romance. Kim Hye Yoon, who is currently starring in tvN's period drama Secret Royal Inspector and Joy will also play an important role in the K-Drama.


Other cast members of the K-Drama include Touch Your Heart fame Yoo In Ha, Yoon Sae Ha, Jung Eugene, and Jang Seung Jo.

The show is scheduled to stream on Disney Plus to international audiences from December 18. In South Korea, the show will take over the slot previously occupied by Inspector Koo.


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