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Squid Game: The Challenge goes down to half. (Image via Instagram/@choochootreyn)

Squid Game: The Challenge - All about episode 6, the marble game, and more

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality TV rendition of the globally admired 2021 Netflix series, Squid Game. Here, just like on the original show, 456 contestants battle it out, playing childhood games against each other to bag the grand prize of $4.56 million.

While the fictional version was set in South Korea, this one is set in the UK, with players participating from across the world. The first five episodes whittled down the competition from 456 to 63. Meanwhile, the sixth episode, released on November 29, brought the numbers down to 31 and will bring it further down to 20.


Spoiler warning: This article contains details about Squid Game: The Challenge episode 6 elimination.

Episode 6 started off with the marble game, where the players were pitted against their closest allies, by the end of which, half the population was wiped out. Then, in a test of trust, the remaining players were instructed to eliminate 11 more contestants. The episode came to a close midway through this elimination.


Squid Game: The Challenge – Goodbye, Gganbu; Hello, ladies!


Squid Game: The Challenge ended episode 5 with the remaining 63 players choosing a partner to have a picnic with. This ended with a twist, as they discovered marbles at the bottom of their baskets, meaning they would play against each other in the upcoming marble game in episode 6.

The marble game leads to one person from each pair being eliminated, so emotions were high, considering everyone was up against their best friends on Squid Game: The Challenge. They all chose their own games to play—some strategic, some skill-based—to win all their opponent's marbles.

With 20 minutes to play and the clock running, players 399 and 065 couldn't agree on a game to play until there were only a few minutes remaining. Their scores were tied when the time ran out, and neither of them wanted to hand the win to the other, which eliminated them both.


The Squid Game: The Challenge mother-son duo of players 301 and 302 both played competitively despite their relationship. Player 302 (mother) was eliminated. Several strong alliances broke during this game, including those of players 179 and 221, where 179 lost. Meanwhile, 278 beat and eliminated her closest friend player 229 in a throwing game.

Players 393 and 382 got into a heated argument because 382 believed 393 was just playing her "sympathy card" as she was deaf. Although they're both deaf, 382 refused to believe 393 had been genuine in the game. Finally, 393 won their game and made it through.

The competition between 087 and 254 came down to the last few seconds and eliminated 087. Players 209 and 204 from the Gganbu Gang competed against each other, and 209 won. The gang was finally left with only two players. Other eliminated players included, but were not limited to, contestants 339, 404, 361, 083, 394, and 382.


Contestant 222 skipped the game since he wasn't paired up, granting him immunity from the elimination. After the game, 31 players remained, and 32 were sent home from Squid Game: The Challenge.

Next, the group was asked to select one captain, and they were also warned to "choose your friends wisely." Player 182, A.K.A. TJ, stepped up to take the leadership position. While the group unanimously agreed with this, some people weren't happy with the decision and worried he would send them packing if he got the chance.

They were given some time to form a plan without knowledge of the upcoming game. Squid Game: The Challenge was down to nine women and 22 men. Player 077 tried to ensure the women stuck together, which they were all in agreement with.


The guards were sent in for the next task, where it was announced that 182 was immune because of the captain's position. They also stated that only a total of 20 players would make it through to play the next game, eliminating 11 before it even began. This elimination was purely based on alliances, with 182 starting the chain by choosing an ally to join him, who then chose another, and so on.

Player 182 picked player 287, Mai. The Squid Game: The Challenge women were thrilled, thinking she would stick to the plan and choose the rest of them one by one. Instead, she chose her strongest partner, player 286. The second woman to be chosen was player 077, who got the "ball rolling" and saved player 018, who saved 019, who also picked a woman, and saved player 393.


393 had a strong, massive alliance before the "girl power" movement, especially Phil, who had supported her through the game. The episode ended with her deliberating whom to pick, since she didn't want to turn her back on the women but felt like it would be "betrayal" if she didn't pick player 451, Phil.

Squid Game: The Challenge has released four new episodes today, with the finale episode yet to come. The population size is getting considerably smaller with each game, and it's only going to get more heated. Episode 10 will be available to stream on Netflix on December 6.


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