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Squid Game: The Challenge on Netflix (Image via YouTube/Netflix)

Squid Game: The Challenge season 2 casting call: When can fans expect a call for auditions?

Squid Game: The Challenge season 1 recently concluded on Netflix, and fans of the show cannot keep calm. Casting for the show's next installment is underway at SquidGameCasting.com. If you're one to sign up to suffer and try your luck at the $4.56 million prize, here is your chance.

Following the Squid Game: The Challenge finale episode, Netflix announced on the very same day that the K-drama-inspired reality TV show will soon be renewed for a second season. That means a whole lot of new players, 456 to be exact. The makers of the show are currently on the lookout for new contestants from all across the US, UK, and other parts of the world. Geographic location is not a bar if you wish to fight and win the jackpot.


Interested readers can visit SquidGameCasting.com and fill out the questionnaire, choosing their location either in the US, UK, or anywhere else. Along with the answers, potential contestants must also submit a short one-minute video highlighting the reason they are suited to be on the show and their prospective strategy if they are counted in.

When and where to watch Squid Game: The Challenge season 2?


Though Netflix is yet to declare a release date for the second season, the work is expected to commence soon. The announcement to renew the show for a second season was taken as a response to the show's huge popularity and the amount of attention it was able to gather before the premiere of its season 1 finale.


Speaking of the show's success and impending second season, Netflix's VP of Non-Fiction Series, Brandon Riegg, remarked to the Hollywood Reporter:

"There was no red light in our decision to greenlight season two of Squid Game: The Challenge, the most ambitious unscripted show we’ve premiered at Netflix. We’re so excited to continue the franchise of Squid Game with our team in Korea, and producers at Studio Lambert and The Garden for this epic competition series."

Squid Game: The Challenge is a reality television show inspired by the popular K-Drama series, Squid Game. The show brought to life the sinister mechanism of the Korean drama and transplanted it into a real-life environment. The show's debut season premiered on November 22, 2023, and brought together the largest cast of any reality TV show ever, consisting of 456 players.


In Squid Game: The Challenge, contestants competed with each other throughout a brutal and cutthroat environment, slept in dorms signifying war zones, and braved adversities at every turn. By the end of it, only three survived out of the 456 and struck their claim on the $4.56 million prize money.

Like the show's first season, Squid Game: The Challenge season 2 will be exclusively available for streaming on Netflix.

Squid Game season 2 latest update


While fans wait for the second season of Squid Game: The Challenge, makers of the original K-Drama Squid Game are hard at work to deliver the second season of their show. Squid Game was renewed for a second season way back in 2022, following the widespread fanfare it received, making it the highest-watched Netflix series of all time.

Though we don't yet have an exact date for the release of Squid Game season 2, fans can expect it to drop sometime around the latter part of 2024. This is because, the production for the second season is supposed to be a massive undertaking, with almost ten months' worth of effort required to match the hype and scale of the first season.

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