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TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul's arrest video surfaces revealing her drunk and sobbing state. (Image via Instagram/@taylorfrankiepaul)

Taylor Frankie Paul arrest video surfaces as drunk TikTok star's antics go viral 

TikToker Taylor Frankie Paul’s arrest video surfaced on social media, where the notorious Mormon swinger was seen crying. She is currently facing several criminal charges, including child abuse and domestic violence, following an alleged confrontation with her boyfriend, Dakota Mortensen, that also took place in February.

Utah police reported that Taylor's daughter and Dakota were hurt during a confrontation with her boyfriend. As per documents released by Salt Lake County’s District Attorney, Taylor was charged with two counts of felony domestic violence in the presence of a child resulting in injury, one count of felony aggravated assault, one count of misdemeanor criminal mischief, and one count of misdemeanor child abuse.

Taylor Frankie Paul, a Mormon influencer, has been arrested on allegations of domestic violence.

The morning after the incident, Taylor was released from jail on a pre-trial supervised release. She is scheduled to appear in court on April 14 for her next hearing.

Taylor Frankie Paul's antics as seen in the police bodycam footage

The New York Post was able to obtain 10-minute police bodycam footage of Taylor Frankie Paul's arrest on Friday, in which the influencer was shown in a hysterically emotional and hammered state. Taylor, 28, claimed that Dakota threw her out of her Utah home and left her in the garage. When asked about Dakota's reasoning, he responded:

“Because she is attacking the c*ap out of me!”

He said he was a little scared for his life. Taylor also claimed to be scared of Dakota and said she urinated in her pants out of fear.

In the video, a tearful Taylor was standing outside her house, and she was heard saying:

“I pushed him. I hit him. He pushed me into the kids’ stuff, and then I went ballistic because he pushed me so hard. And then I fought back.”

As per Taylor’s statement, the fight between her and her boyfriend ensued when he refused to take her to a concert after she came home completely intoxicated. She told the police that she was emotionally hurting and that she wanted Dakota out. Taylor Frankie Paul also admitted to the police that she threw metal chairs and a wooden play set at her boyfriend.

One of the metal chairs that hit Taylor’s daughter, Indy, left her with a swollen head. Dakota told police in the video that the child was his "biggest concern" and that he felt sorry for her.

Although Taylor cooperated with the police as they put her in handcuffs and led her to a police cruiser, she repeatedly inquired why she was being arrested.


At the time of the arrest, Taylor Frankie Paul and Dakota Mortensen had been dating for about six months.

Written declaration of the arrest from a Herriman Police officer

A written declaration from an officer at the Herriman Police Department was included in the court documents. The officer who responded to the incident stated that when he arrived at the scene, Dakota Mortensen reported that he argued with Taylor Frankie Paul, during which he attempted to leave the residence, but his girlfriend began hitting him.

The officer further described a video of the incident where Taylor Frankie Paul was seen putting Dakota in a chokehold and kicking him, striking him multiple times. She also used metal bar stools to hit her boyfriend. The mother's five-year-old daughter, Indy Paul, was lying close to a couch when one of the stools unintentionally crossed and struck her.

Statement regarding the arrest of Taylor Frankie Paul

The officer also noted Dakota’s statement, where he said that before Indy was hit, he asked his girlfriend to stop throwing objects since the child was right next to him on the couch. The responding officer observed swelling and redness around Dakota’s eyes, along with a laceration on his neck, scratches on his fingers, and swelling on his elbow.

The Herriman officer added to his declaration that Taylor’s two-year-old son, Ocean Paul, was also inside the house at the time of the confrontation. However, days after Taylor’s arrest, Dakota defended her and told the Daily Mail that they did not argue and that Taylor never intentionally hurt anyone.

Earlier in August 2022, Taylor Frankie Paul shared that she was struggling with extreme weight loss and depression following her divorce from her former husband, Tate Paul.


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