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'The Expanse': 3 reasons why this Prime Video sci-fi series cannot be missed

The American science fiction television series The Expanse is based on a series of novels written by James S. A. Corey. It is futuristic sci-fi, set two centuries later when humanity colonizes the solar system. It follows the adventures of a crew that unwittingly finds themselves drawn into a conspiracy.

The sixth and final season of The Expanse is scheduled to drop on Amazon Prime Video on December 10. Ahead of its release, this article dives into three reasons that make The Expanse worthy of watching.


'The Expanse' shows how unequipped humans are in dealing with the unknown of space

Brace yourselves for a hard burn. #TheExpanse final season is almost here!
10:30 PM · Nov 16, 2021

The Expanse plays out the idea that humans are highly ill-equipped to deal with the vastness of space. Even at the tremendously fast pace that technology and astronomy are progressing, humans remain unequipped. It seems like the universe keeps throwing curveballs at the protagonists. They must grapple with the challenges to survive.

The Expanse shows us how humans are still not fully equipped to navigate the uncertainty of outer space. Moreover, it hints that technological progress doesn't necessarily translate into species-wide empowerment along various lines.


The sci-fi is a politically realistic show

There are many political parallels with the current world drawn in this sci-fi. The Expanse has it all: political crises, global threats like climate change, economic disparities, or radical terrorist movements.

Political conflicts have divided the solar system into discrete parts. Each fragment is fighting the other, despite a more significant threat to the greater collective looming ahead.


'The Expanse' has a relevant message

I blame The Expanse cosplay Facebook group for convincing me to try and actually post here. Hello @ExpanseOnPrime and @CaraGeeeee I made this cosplay! Love the show and the character (obvs)! Thank you @TatiTatiArt for this bts pic from our shoot!
9:59 PM · Apr 26, 2021

The Expanse harps on the relevant message - the importance of unity. The show is based on the adage - united we stand; divided we fall. If humans work together in harmony with goodwill for all, the species can overcome the most significant threats. No matter the era or its challenges, this message remains relevant throughout. It reminds those living now that unity is the best policy.


Amazon Prime's final season of The Expanse will drop on December 10. This season will have six episodes.

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