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The Most Colorful Time of the Year full cast list: Katrina Bowden, Christopher Russell, and others to star in Hallmark holiday movie

Hallmark's new Christmas movie, The Most Colorful Time of the Year, is set to premiere on the channel on Friday, December 9, 2022. The movie tells the lovely story of a schoolteacher suffering from colorblindness who finds love in the most unexpected way.

Here's the official synopsis of the movie, as per Crown Media Press:

''A colorblind schoolteacher finds romance when a student and her optometrist mom help him see Christmas in color for the very first time.''

The movie stars Katrina Bowden and Christopher Russell in the lead roles and various others playing key supporting roles. The Most Colorful Time of the Year is helmed by Maxwell McGuire, with Keith Hemstreet and Alan Donahue serving as writers.

The Most Colorful Time of the Year on Hallmark: Katrina Bowden and others promise heartwarming performances

1) Katrina Bowden as Michelle


Katrina Bowden plays the role of Michelle in The Most Colorful Time of the Year. Michelle is an optometrist and one of Ryan's students' mothers who treat him. Bowden looks in fine form in the film's official trailer and promises to deliver a thoroughly impressive performance in the movie.

Apart from The Most Colorful Time of the Year, Katrina Bowden is best known for her performances in various popular shows and films like The Divorce Party, Born a Champion, Definition Please, and Love on the Slopes, to name a few.

2) Christopher Russell as Ryan


Actor Christopher Russell portrays the character of Ryan in the upcoming holiday movie. Ryan suffers from colorblindness and seeks treatment from one of his student's mothers, an optometrist, which changes his life forever. Russell shares excellent onscreen chemistry with his co-star, Katrina Bowden, making for a lovely onscreen couple.

Christopher Russell's other notable film and TV acting credits include A Lot Like Christmas, High Flying Romance, Chasing Waterfalls, and many more.

3) Ava Weiss as Bailey


Ava Weiss dons the role of Bailey in The Most Colorful Time of the Year. Not many details about Weiss' character are known at this point, but she's believed to be one of Ryan's students. Weiss has been a part of quite a few films in her short career, including A Christmas Letter, When Hope Calls Christmas and Lemonade Stand Romance.

Apart from the actors mentioned above, The Most Colorful Time of the Year features numerous other actors portraying key supporting/minor roles:

  • Joanna Douglas as Heidi
  • Holly Jade Balmer as Gabby
  • Austin Ball as Mark
  • Bert Cardozo as Shawn
  • Celine Bauwmans as Stacy
  • Melinda Michael as Debbie
  • Michael Gordin Shore as Mayor
  • Adrian Monaco as Dan
  • Kate MacLellan as Alice
  • Jamie Champagne as Waiter
  • Mark Fisher as Paul
  • Janice Gencher as Taylor's Mom
  • Katherine Stella Duncan as a Teacher

Hallmark released a sneak peek of the film on December 6, 2022, showing a brief interaction between Ryan and Michelle. The two seem to be getting along, and their conversation has a romantic undertone. Based on the sneak peek and preview, fans can expect a hilarious and charming romantic comedy like We Need a Little Christmas and A Fabled Holiday.

Don't forget to catch The Most Colorful Time of the Year on Hallmark Channel on Friday, December 9, 2022, at 8 pm ET.

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