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Frances McDormand as she appears in the film (Image via Apple TV)

‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ takeaways: Learning to humble yourself

The Tragedy of Macbeth was recently dropped on the streaming platform Apple TV+. It has already received rave reviews from critics for its cast, cinematography and direction from Joel Coen. This adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic play details the violent rise and ultimate downfall of Scotland's king.


With a wonderful cast and an equally talented crew behind the camera, it’s easy to see why so many people are mesmerized by this movie, which tells its viewers a tale passed down from generations.


Takeaways of ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’

Humility is a virtue

Denzel Washington as the title character (Image via Apple TV)

Macbeth, throughout the film, is many things. He is ambitious, prideful and intelligent. One thing he may not be is humble. He continually berates his subjects and uses his status as king to get whatever he wants.

He even has Macduff’s family murdered for fear that he would kill him. His lack of humility is a contributing factor to his demise. Had he been more humble and less indignant and spiteful in his demeanor, his tragedy would have never been so, and he would still be king.


Greed will never be enough

The dark cinematography of the film (Image via Apple TV)

Understanding that Macbeth’s greed is where most of his vices lie is critical for comprehending the character. His character arc is primarily based on lies and greed, which is shown in his character while he continues to vie for the throne.


His character shows not a single shred of generosity, benevolence, or goodwill towards any of his underlings. He acts like a spoiled, rich child without proper etiquette from strong or supportive role models. The more he received, the more he wanted, and it was never enough to satisfy his insatiable appetite.

Power can never make a man happy

Denzel Washington as the titular character (Image via Apple TV)

Greed can never satisfy you. The star player becomes consumed by power and, as a result, he gets extremely paranoid, to the point of hallucinations. His power and status as king brought no kind of stability into his life and he eventually became a victim of his avarice.


Power without competency is merely a waste. It only furthers the point that one could never be happy with only material possessions. Macbeth failed to look within, and it ruined him.

In conclusion, money, power, status and greed are just tools one acquires for ego validation and will only ruin a person. It destroys their lives, families and, eventually, themselves.

Disclaimer: This article reflects the opinions of the writer.

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