Social media users share their reaction to the loofa trend in Florida. (Image via TikTok)

The Villages loofah colors' meaning explored as Florida trend sends the internet into a frenzy 

The new color-coded loofah system being utilized by senior swingers in a village in Florida is creating a buzz on social media. The city has been in the spotlight after multiple TikTok videos featuring different colored loofahs tied to their cars indicated their s*xual preferences.

The location of most of the TikTok videos surfacing on social media is The Villages, which has been in the news previously as a getaway for wild retirees. A user named Tora Himan uploaded the most popular video, which has received over 3 million views.

Featuring multiple people buying loofahs in the supermarket, and cars having loofahs tied to their roofs, the creator captioned the video:

“They are everywhere!”
TikToker who received more than 3 million views on the video showed multiple people purchasing loofas and tying them to their cars. (Image via TikTok)

From pink to blue to red, social media users now wish to know the real meaning behind the different colored loofahs.


What do the colors of the loofahs represent? Details explored as the trend makes the internet go gaga

As per the color chart shared by multiple users on social media, the “loofa code” goes by different colors for different s*xual preferences. As per the chart shared by users on TikTok, here is what the colors mean:

  1. White color represents novices and beginners.
  2. Purple is for people who like to watch
  3. Other colors like pink stand for people who like to be with others in the room
  4. Blue is for those who can play well with others.
  5. Yellow is for people who want to have fun but are still nervous.
  6. Black is used for full swap and is for people who say, “let it all go down.”
  7. The last one is teal, which is for people who are bis*xual, and these are the people who wish to increase their dating chances.

At the same time, social media users have been sharing their reactions to the wild trend. While some people think it's cool, others are commenting on how bizarre it is.

Look up The Villages Florida and see what this means to have a loofah on your car... Dirty Old People out having fun🤣
The #loofah color code sex thing in #florida cannot be real!!!
@EllenBarkin The villages. The highest concentration of STDs in florida. Go ahead. Move there. Oh dont forget your loofah
The “loofah code” in Florida retirement homes is wwwiiillldddd
I just learned something that made me o.O and now I have to share it with you

Behold the loofah kink code used by the massive 55+ community in Florida that also has one of the highest STD rates in the country
@EllenBarkin The villages. The highest concentration of STDs in florida. Go ahead. Move there. Oh dont forget your loofah
@MikeCopeland395 @Loathstupid The loofah is kind of legendary here in Florida. When we first moved here people told us about the senior swingers and just how wild they get.
@Moi_Again @sunnyladner Old timers in Florida wear loofah necklaces!

Furthermore, people have also shared about how you can identify a “swinger” in Florida. Many have shared how some people leave pineapples on a doorstep to symbolize that the person in the house is interested in a “swinger party.”

Additionally, as others have noted, lawn ornaments can also be used to express someone's interest in swapping partners. Adirondack chairs have also been mentioned as being used to display signs for swingers.

@nypost This can't be right. My wife has a black and blue loofah on her car. Is this a meme?

The Villages, known as "Florida's friendliest hometown," has also gained attention for its strange trends. However, many Reddit users are also calling this trend a myth and talking about how retirees are all driving similar cars, and the reason why they use loofas is to spot the vehicle from a distance.

Furthermore, it is impossible to say whether the trend is real or a myth.

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