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“This episode is so chaotic”: RHOSLC fans react to episode 10 drama centered around Jen Shah

Season 3 of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City (RHOSLC) has been full of drama from the beginning. In the latest episode, the ladies, especially Jen Shah, raised the bar high.

RHOSLC fans called episode 10 “chaotic,” as it was filled with Jen screaming at the ladies and vice-versa. Viewers were surprised to see how Heather Gay, Lisa Barlow, and other cast members initially supported Jen’s drunken and irrational behavior.

This episode is so chaotic #RHOSLC

The title of season 3 episode 10 of the Bravo show was High Heels in the High Seas, and its official synopsis read:

“The chaos on the high seas continues as designer shoes end up overboard; pushed to her limit, Lisa reconsiders her friendship with Jen; the ladies get ready for a luau dinner, but tensions come to an all-time high when the women throw shots.”

Fans felt the ladies were scared of Jen Shah


In RHOSLC season 3 episode 10, Jen Shah was seen throwing Angie Katsanevas’ $1500 heels into the water while the ladies were on a yacht. The cast members flew to San Diego in the previous episode, hosted by Jen.

However, the hostess was seen on the edge on the first day of their trip. Starting with pouring champagne over Angie K’s head, Jen was seen behaving irrationally in the latest episode. She even pushed Lisa Barlow when the latter came to comfort her after a feud with Angie K. The episode ended with a lot of screaming, yelling, and whining, leaving fans entertained.

Viewers called the episode “chaotic,” and felt that the ladies were scared of Jen. It seemed like none of them wanted to end up in Jen’s bad books. Take a look at fans’ reactions:

Bruh…this show is exhausting!
I can’t keep up with all the mental gymnastics among these “friends”
I do like Lisa, Meredith & Whitney , am stoked Heather was exposed, but WHYyyyy is everyone always fighting to be friends with Jen?!
I promise you nobody hates each other quite like the #RHOSLC ladies. That’s their superlative from me. They hate each other.
They are scared of Jen Shah & I hate that for them #RHOSLC
tonight’s episode is pure comedy i’m screaming the whole episode #RHOSLC
Every time I watch this show I’m confused who’s beefing with who #RHOSLC
Bravo condones bully behavior for the sake of ratings and it annoys TF out of me. Good people with good character can make good TV, too. #RHOSLC
Irrational behavior. Stunts like this should be at least *somewhat* earned, no? #RHOSLC
These women are clearly scared of Jen. They enable Jen’s behaviors. Jen needs NO friends and to be called out. #RHOSLC #RHSLC
I don’t understand why everyone is scared of Jen #RHOSLC
Watched #RHOSLC High heels in the high seas episode scary crazy episode

RHOSLC season 3 episode 10 recap

Throughout RHOSLC season 3, Jen Shah was seen struggling with the fear of going on trial related to her ongoing legal case of wire fraud and money laundering.

She planned a trip to San Diego with Angie K, and others to have fun and relax. But the drama began on the first day itself and was mostly centered around the hostess. She was initially annoyed with her BFF Angie K for taking the primary bedroom and was later angered by Angie accusing her of not paying for her husband Coach Shah’s birthday, which was held at Angie K’s house.

In the latest episode, she was seen behaving irrationally by throwing Angie K’s footwear into the water. She also yelled at Lisa and pushed her when the latter tried to hug and comfort her. After taking a nap in the sprinter van, Jen appeared fine as she organized a fun night for the ladies.


But at the dinner table, Danna Bui-Negrete addressed her issue with Jen, which referred to the time the latter had a fight with Angie Harrington at Heather’s choir auditions. Danna put Heather Gay on the spot as she said:

"So, I am like sitting here, watching you [Jen] talk to your friends that way. It made me feel really uncomfortable. And then, I don’t know, Heather, you know how I felt.”

Heather replied:

“I know. And what did I say to you? You got to talk to her. I am not your translator or her keeper and not yours.”

In response, Danna stated:

“But it’s like you’ve told me that if Jen ever gave you an ultimatum, you would not be friends with her no more.”

Episode 10 ended with a fight between Jen and Heather, where the latter walked away from the dinner table by saying that Jen should find another friend.

RHOSLC season 3 airs new episodes every Wednesday at 8.00 PM ET on Bravo.


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