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Today’s Final Jeopardy! answer: Thursday, January 26, 2023

Season 39 of Jeopardy! returns with a brand new game this Thursday, January 26, 2023. In a highly entertaining episode, the five-day champion Troy Meyer reappears to keep up his phenomenal winning streak. Troy is undoubtedly on a roll, which w it will be quite thrilling to witness how far the music executive goes in the game.

As stated in the official description for Jeopardy!:

"The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. Three contestants, including the previous show's champion, compete in six categories and in three rounds (with each round's 'answers' being worth more prize money)."

The description further writes:

"In the third round, ‘Final Jeopardy,’ the contestants can name their own jackpot -- as long as it's within the amount of money they've already earned. If a player finishes the second round with zero dollars, they are eliminated [from the final round]."
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In the latest episode, Troy sets out to battle it out with two promising newcomers, including John Guszkowski and Emma Moore. The majority of Jeopardy! fans from all around the world have been buzzing with thrill to witness Troy maintaining his winning position. The five-day winner has collectively earned $170,401 so far after winning the previous day's game 98.


The game show's final round is easily the biggest perk of the highly celebrated trivia game show. Before the show reveals the right answer, the last round allows the audience to play the game from the comfort of their own houses by guessing the correct answer. Although it can sometimes get really tough, the final round is still the most exciting round of the long-running show.

January 26, 2023, Thursday: Final Jeopardy! question

Will Troy reach ToC status? Only time will tell

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The final question of the show's season 39's game 99, reads:

"Returning home in 1493, Columbus stopped in the Azores at an island with this name, also something he’d lost off the Haiti coast"

The final question category is History.

Jeopardy! final solution - Thursday, January 26, 2023

Hit the books for this Final #Jeopardy! clue:

The clue and solution for the tricky final question from the January 26, 2023 episode are:

Clue: Returning home in 1493, Columbus stopped in the Azores at an island with this name, also something he’d lost off the Haiti coast

Solution: Santa Maria

Columbus had a total of three ships during his voyage, namely the Pinta, the Niña and the Santa María. However, only the first two ships made it out and returned to Spain. Meanwhile, the Santa María kept on sailing aground off the coast of Hispaniola island. In 1493, on its way to Spain, the expedition concluded at the island of Santa María, which is the southernmost Azores island.

Jeopardy! contestants - Thursday, January 26, 2023

The three promising participants in the new game 99 of season 39 are a music executive from Tampa, Florida, Troy Meyer, a planning consultant from Pomfret, Connecticut, John Guszkowski, and a librarian from Princeton, New Jersey, Emma Moore.

Success starts with you #Jeopardy!

The beginning of Jeopardy! goes back to the early 1960s. Ever since the game show debuted, it has only become better with time and evolved to meet the expectations of the show's vast audience.

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