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“TOM IS SICKKKKKK!”: Why are Love Island fans hating on Tom as he kisses Ellie in season 9 episode 14?

Love Island season 9 aired a new episode on Sunday, featuring Tom Clare changing his relationship dynamics with three women.

While he broke up with Zara Denis and got back together with Olivia Hawkins, he also made out with bombshell Ellie Spence. Spence and Tom were shown kissing on the terrace the same day he ended things with Zara. Interestingly, Ellie and Tom’s kiss was happening at the same time as Olivia was talking about her feelings for him to other girls in the kitchen.


Tom’s behavior in the latest episode 14 irked Love Island fans, who slammed the hunk on Twitter.

TOM IS SICKKKKKK! he’s not giving zara enough and he went and kissed someone he knew for TWO days #LoveIsland

To note, Ellie requested Tom not to tell anyone about their kiss and the latter agreed, calling it their “little secret.”

Fans criticized Tom for his actions in episode 14


The latest episode of Love Island 2023 was filled with a lot of drama. It started with Tom Clare picking Olivia Hawkins for her facial features over his then-partner Zara Denis. He chose Zara for her body, which was the final straw for the bombshell.

She was heartbroken that her then-partner Tom picked her for her body over her face. She was hurt more because Zara and Olivia have been in a cold war since the former recoupled with Tom when he was partnered up with Olivia.

Manifesting a love story for Zara #LoveIsland

After shedding tears over Tom, Zara then decided to end things with him in Love Island season 9 episode 14. Both islanders were on the same page as Tom claimed he didn’t want more drama with Zara. He then went to Olivia and stated that he wanted to get back together with her.


Towards the end of the episode, Olivia was seen giggling and obsessing over Tom in the kitchen. Around the same time, Tom was seen kissing Ellie Spence on the terrace.

Fans were shocked to see Tom’s behavior in the latest episode. They criticized the islander for hurting Zara, then trying to reconcile with Olivia, and ending up kissing Ellie.

tom kissing ellie on the terrace whilst olivia is downstairs obsessing over him i love karma so much #LoveIsland
Tom went from telling Olivia he wants to try it with her to kissing Ellie in like 0.2 seconds #loveIsland
Tom is just another guy who goes around being like “I’m a nice guy”, but in fact he’s another menace #loveisland
Olivia thinks she has Tom now.
See how the show showed both scenes: Tom and Ellie on the terrace kissing and Olivia telling the girls she thinks she and Tom are back on.
Tom is making sure he gets picked at recoupling #loveIsland #MayaJama #LoveislandAfterSun
Did Tom just say he would try things with Olivia and then kiss Ellie???? Get him off the show #loveIsland
tom being the one to go in for the kiss too he wants olivia to cry BLOOD PLS #loveisland #TALKSWITHASH
Tom is not a catch. He’s just tall and tall isn’t a personality trait. #LoveIsland #LoveIslandUK
What are those girls seeing in Tom ? Maybe there’s something they’re not showing because I’m confusion. He’s like dry wall from what we’re watching #Loveisland

Tom and Ellie’s kiss in Love Island season 9 episode 14

In episode 14, Tom and Ellie were sitting on the terrace when she stated that she would start her workout the next day. Tom mentioned that he would also join her, but she would have to wear a “s*xy little gym outfit.”

Ellie responded by saying that she would wear it, only for him. The two then shared an intimate look and Tom pulled her towards him for a kiss. As they were kissing, Olivia was seen in the kitchen downstairs talking about how Tom wanted to get back together with her.

On the terrace, Tom mentioned to Ellie that their kiss was “nice” and said that she was “trouble.” The 25-year-old Norwich native cleared lipstick marks from Tom’s face and told him not to tell anyone about their intimate moment. To this, the 23-year-old Barnsley native said:

“I won’t. I promise. Our little secret.”
Can't wait to see their friendship blossom 🫶 #LoveIsland

Prior to the scene, Tom and Zara had a conversation where they decided to move on. Tom told her they had a good run but it was time for them to end things. Zara agreed and they parted ways on a good note.


Love Island season 9 will return to ITV2 with a brand new episode on Monday, January 30, 2023, at 9 pm GMT (4 pm ET).


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