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5 streamers who accidentally did a face reveal

There are a lot of streamers on the internet who don't like showing their faces. For example, streamers like Corpse Husband and Dream are massively popular despite not showing their faces on camera.

Being faceless on the internet adds an aura of mystery to the entire persona. However, streamers need to be careful while maintaining a faceless persona on the internet because a lot of the interaction is dependent on technology.


Sometimes glitches or mishaps happen, which can accidentally reveal a streamer's identity. This list dives into the five times streamers accidentally revealed their faces on a live stream.

5 streamers who accidentally revealed their faces on stream


Ram "GradeAUnderA" Karavadra


This incident dates back to 2017. GradeAUnderA was streaming live on Twitch, but his entire fan base didn't really know what he looked like. While trying to show his room he accidentally enabled the webcam which showed his face rather than enabling the webcam that showed his room.

Saqib "Lirik" Ali Zahid

Lirik is a very popular live streamer. He has 2.7 million subscribers on Twitch and streams a variety of games on the platform. In 2018, when he was trying to display a cat's image on his strea cat's imageam, he accidentally revealed his face. Although he immediately turned off his webcam, those watching his stream knew what he looked like.



Theonemanny is a popular streamer who usually plays games like Minecraft and SoulCalibur. He was immensely popular when this incident occurred in 2017. He was using an application which replaced his image with that of a dog. This application mimicked his actions, causing the dog to do whatever he did. However, during one stream, the application failed to load, revealing his face to all his viewers.



This streamer was live on a hiking trip a few years ago. At that point of time, people were mostly streaming from their desktops. IRL streams weren't that popular. While on a trip, Celeste tried to show the landscape to her viewers but ended up clicking the wrong button, revealing her face instead. The faux pas can be seen in the above video at 3:53.


Herschel Beahm IV "DrDisrespect"

DrDisrespect is one of the most popular streamers today. Although he's banned from Twitch, he still streams on YouTube. However, this incident dates back to 2016 when he accidentally knocked his glasses off while on a live stream, revealing his face. Tyler "Ninja" Belvins can also be seen reacting to DrDisrespect's accidental face divulge on live stream in the above video.

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