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5 underrated BTS songs you should know

BTS might be a global pop sensation at the moment, but the group did not have a smooth start. After multiple hurdles, much backlash, and hate, the K-pop stars began to grow with the love of their fans (ARMY) because of their top-notch music. However, many fans are still unaware of the underrated masterpieces created by the Boy With Luv musicians.

Since the seven-member group was majorly sidelined at the beginning of their career, several songs from their rookie albums never got the popularity they deserved. Hardcore fans have discovered them, but some are still sleeping on these underrated songs.


So, here's a list of 5 underrated songs by BTS that you should stream right now.

5 underrated BTS songs every ARMY should listen to


1) Ma City (2015)


Coming from The Most Beautiful Moment In My Life Pt.2, Ma City is definitely one BTS song you should not miss. The cheerful song will pump you up with its lively and energetic music.

In the song, the septet croons about their hometowns, showing their love for the places they belong to. Jimin sings about Busan, RM about Ilsan, and so on. Even though Ma City is not a lyrical masterpiece compared to their other works, it will force you to tap your feet to the beat.

2) Cypher Pt.3: Killer -ft. Supreme Boi Dark & Wild (2014)


BTS' V doesn't obsess over the Cypher series for no reason. The hardcore rap diss tracks performed by the rap line, RM, Suga and J-Hope, are some of the most emotional and expressive in BTS' discography.


Pt. 3: Killer develops a flow based on the previous Cyphers, simultaneously building a new technique for the rap line's further productions. The rap trio furiously answers the rappers who doubted their rap skills and questioned their hip-hop roots while singing the track.

3) Crystal Snow (2018)

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Crystal Snow is a beautiful Japanese track created by the group. It is an ode to the Christmas song, but the lyrics indicate that it can also be dedicated to a loved one.

The track is extremely sweet and is the first Christmas-themed BTS track. With lyrics like, “I want to hug you one more time before you disappear,” the group sings about missing someone you really love. Being one of a kind, Crystal Snow features gentler raps and Jin's crystal clear voice is definitely the highlight.

4) Spine Breaker (2014)

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Considered a fun song because of the beat, Spine Breaker actually talks about social injustice and income inequality. The lyrics indicate how the 21st century is divided into two classes, those who have and those who don't.

The title refers to the younger generation asking their parents for “shoes worth a couple hundred, padded jacket worth a couple thousand,” which results in their parents engaging in excessive labor to fulfill their demands.

5) Rain (2014)

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Rain stands apart since it has a different vibe than most of the energetic rap filler hip hop tracks released by the group in their debut days. Rain has Jazz-inspired music with a melancholic flow which perfectly matches the gloomy lyrics.

With piano and airy percussions supporting the tune, Rain describes sadness on a dingy rainy day. J-Hope, who generally raps, makes a special appearance as a vocalist in this rare Dark & Wild track.

ARMYs are trying their best to explore more songs by the group. Discovering underrated gems is truly a delight.


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