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  • What did George Santos do to get expelled from Congress? Charges explored in wake of historic House vote
George Santos has been removed from the Congress for the multiple charges imposed against him (Image via RealJamesWoods/X)

What did George Santos do to get expelled from Congress? Charges explored in wake of historic House vote

U.S. Rеprеsеntativе George Santos was recently еxpеllеd from thе Congrеss on Dеcеmbеr 1, 2023. Thе dеcision camе aftеr a majority of thе Housе lawmakеrs votеd for his rеmoval and two Dеmocrats votеd against it.

USA Today stated that George's removal result from using campaign money for his personal needs alongside his involvement in various federal crimes, including fraud. According to CNN, Santos initially refused to resign a day before the expulsion vote, describing the entire thing as bullying due to the charges against him.

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The House Ethics Committee released a report on the charges against George Santos. Still, he criticized the entire investigation, claiming that he cooperated by providing any kind of document they needed. He continued:

"I am not unpacking the report. It is counterproductive for me to do so at this time. There will be a time that I will unpack it entirely and go line by line."

CBS News stated that the locks of George's congressional office were changed before his expulsion, and his House website is no longer active.


Reasons behind George Santos' expulsion are explained in detail

George Santos' removal from Congress has been in the headlines for some time, and netizens have been wondering about why the drastic measure was taken. It must be noted that George's life has been filled with controversies ever since he was elected at the 3rd congressional district election of New York, held last year.

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CBS News states that Santos reportedly lied about himself, which was revealed during investigations conducted by various publications. He was arrested in May this year on charges of fraud and money laundering, but he pleaded not guilty after being taken to court.


Hе was rеlеasеd but his passport was sеizеd by thе authoritiеs. Hе might havе bееn sеntеncеd to 20 yеars if found guilty, and thеrе wеrе additional chargеs against him likе "making matеrially falsе statеmеnts to thе Housе of Rеprеsеntativеs" and stеaling public funds.

The allegations were explained by U.S. Attorney Breon Peace, who said that George Santos used his political influence to earn benefits and "applied for unemployment benefits" that was for New York residents who became jobless during the COVID-19 pandemic.


As mentioned earlier, a report by the House Ethics Committee accused him of similar things, including stealing campaign money, deceiving donors, and participating in fraudulent business deals.

CBS News stated that the FBI was investigating Santos was by the FBI while he tried to raise money through a pet charity to offer help to a veteran's dying dog. Further investigation was conducted against him by the Securities and Exchange Commission for his links to the financial company Harbor City Capital, which was charged with operating a Ponzi scheme in 2021.

Election to be conducted for replacement of George Santos

While the house expelled George Santos, there have been questions regarding who would be appointed in his position. CBS News reported that a special election would be conducted after six weeks. Governor Kathy Hochul also shared a post through X (formerly Twitter) on Friday, where she wrote:

"I am prepared to undertake the solemn responsibility of filling the vacancy in New York's 3rd District. The people of Long Island deserve nothing less."
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Although the special election date is yet to be confirmed, the names of Rep. Tom Suozzi and St. Sen. Jack Martins are being suggested for the position.


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