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"Get sturdy" is the new dance challenge on social media (Image via @tiktok/Facebook and @.obenj/TikTok)

What does "get sturdy" on TikTok mean? Viral dance trend explained 

From "savage" to "renegade," creators at TikTok have always come up with interesting dance moves. Some of these dance moves were created by bigger artists but were later popularized on the social media platform as a dance challenge.

One such move that is gaining traction real fast is the "get sturdy" dance. The dance move is said to have been inspired by another previously popular trend called the "woo walk."


At the moment, the #getsturdy has over 7million views on the video-sharing app.


"Get sturdy" is inspired by another TikTok dance called "woo walk"

Ay someone teach me how to get sturdy
7:59 AM · Mar 9, 2022

The dance movement is all about staying balanced and upright, attempting to keep one foot off the floor while shuffling and bouncing on the other. Dancers use their hands to maintain their poise when trying to keep track of beat drops in different songs. Anyone attempting to do this challenge must have a strong core to keep their body "sturdy" while attempting the dance challenge.

when they say u can't get sturdy
9:02 AM · Mar 7, 2022

The dance originated in New York and is said to have been inspired by a similar step called the "woo walk." It first got attention after being featured in the official music video for the song Dior by the late Pop Smoke.

The dance's steps include having one hand outstretched and one on the front of the belt while trying to hop to the beat. The late rapper TDott Woo, who rapped a verse in Dior, is said to have choreographed the move.


The song was also the first anthem for these choreographies, which contained lyrics saying “sturdy” and “woo.” But after becoming a great trend on TikTok, the dance is no longer tied to any single song.


TDott signed a new deal with Million Dollar Music right before his death

TDott Woo was shot on February 1, 2022, in Canarsie, near the intersection of East 98th Street and Avenue L. The rapper was rushed to Brookdale Hospital but couldn't survive the wound.

He was immensely popular among the Hip Hop community in and around New York and worked with artists like Pop Smoke, who also suffered death from a gunshot attack in 2020.

Fans of the rapper filled social media with tributes, mentioning the artist's dance that became a viral trend on TikTok.

Rip the woowalk creator Tdot🏾
6:15 AM · Feb 2, 2022

TDott had over 79k followers on Instagram before his demise last month.

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