Noodle the Pug, famous for creating the "bones or no bones day" video, passed away at the age of 14. (Image via TikTok)

What happened to Noodle the Pug? TikTok sensation known for 'Bones or No Bones' dies at 14

Noodle the Pug, the TikTok sensation who was known for his “Bones or No Bones” prediction, passed away at the age of 14. Noodle the Pug’s owner, Jonathan Graziano, announced his demise to his 4.4 million followers in a video. In the video, Graziano said:

“He was at home, he was in my arms. This is incredibly sad. It's incredibly difficult. It's a day that I always knew was coming but never thought would arrive.”

The owner concluded by encouraging the pug’s fans to celebrate him. He also thanked his audience for loving him throughout the journey. Graziano, who adopted the pug when he was 7 years old, captioned the video:

“It’s been the privilege of my life to care for Noodles these past 7 years. The sweetest man there has ever been and ever will be.”
Noodle the Pug passes away at the age of 14; owner makes a public announcement that devastated the public. (Image via TikTok/jongraz)

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Graziano started posting videos of himself attempting to get Noodles out of bed in the morning. If the dog stood on his own, it was a “bones” day, and if he would plop back down, it was a “no bones” day.


Netizens devastated as Noodle the Pug dies at 14

Noodle was famous for predicting the day for people on social media. Graziano explained the meaning of “bones” and “no bones” day by saying:

“A bones day is a day where you just have to go after your ambition or a task you were outing off. A no bones day is a day when you just have permission to wear soft clothes, self-care, and take a bath.”

Waiting for Noodle’s predictions of the day became a daily routine for his followers over the last two years. News of the dog’s death has netizens devastated. They shared their tributes to the dog and their condolences to the owner on social media. Describing it as the “ultimate no bones day,” one user took to Twitter and said:

“The Internet is so weird. I'm really sad that Noodle, a pug I never met, owned by someone I don't know, has died. The ultimate no bones day.”
The Internet is so weird. I'm really sad that Noodle, a pug I never met, owned by someone I don't know, has died. The ultimate no bones day.
just found out that noodle the pug died so it’s a no bones life for the rest of my life🥺
Noodle the pug died. December is not starting out great
Noodle, a pug who entertained and motivated TikTok viewers for more than a year with the simple act of rising from or collapsing into his dog bed, died on Friday, his owner said. He was 14…
Just found out noodle the pug passed away
noodle the bone or no bones day pug died
Noodle you will be missed. Rest In Peace #noodlethepug

The comments section of the video posted by Noodle the Pug's owner was also filled with sad fans expressing their grief. One commenter wrote:

"No Jon, thank YOU for sharing Noodle with all of us. You both brought so much joy to all of us. Much love."
Sad fans comment below the video shared by the pug's owner. Fans reactions explored. (Image via TikTok)

The owner of Noodle the Pug had recently released new merchandise, with T-shirts that said “It’s a bones day,” “It’s a no bones day,” and “No soggy pugs,” amongst many others. The merchandise became an instant hit amongst Noodle fans, as many of them preordered merchandise that was up for sale.


The website sells everything “Noodle the Pug,” from caps to laptop stickers to cushions and even mugs.

Besides the 4.5 million followers on TikTok, Noodle the Pug has over 282K followers on Instagram and has millions of views collectively on his videos.

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