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  • What was Jen Shah's initial case verdict? RHOSLC star's prison sentence reduced by 1 year 
Jen Shah shares prison journal entries via Instagram (Image via Bravo)

What was Jen Shah's initial case verdict? RHOSLC star's prison sentence reduced by 1 year 

Jen Shah’s 6.5-year long jail sentence (78 months) for her fraud telemarketing scheme has been reduced by one year.

According to the Federal Bureau of Prisons' inmate database, she will now be released from prison on August 30, 2028, instead of August 30, 2029. Jen’s representative has recently revealed that the RHOSLC star is “committed towards making her victims whole” and “has initiated her payments towards restitution.”


The representative added that they hope Jen returns home soon to put this chapter behind her. She will, however, be supervised for five years post her release and will have to go to a mental health treatment program as mentioned by the judge so that she does not “end up committing another crime.”.

Jen Shah was arrested in March 2021 along with her assistant Stuart Smith while filming season 2 of RHOSLC.

Both were charged with conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to commit wire fraud in connection with telemarketing, where they generated and sold lead lists of innocent citizens, mostly over the age of 55, to scam them.

According to the lawyers, the “so-called business opportunities pushed on the victims by Shah, Smith, and their co-conspirators” were fraud schemes so that they could steal their money.


Jen Shah changed her plea from not guilty to guilty on July 11, 2022. Her sentence began on February 17, 2023.

Jen Shah said she will pay back the victims of the fraud

Jen Shah is currently serving her time at the FPC Bryan Prison in Bryan, Texas, where she will stay for the full duration. After entering prison, her attorney Priya Chaudhry revealed:

" (She is) committed to serving her sentence with courage and purpose, fueled by her desire to make amends for the hurt she has caused and to help others in her new community. No obstacle will deter Jen from making the most of her time in prison and she's determined to make restitution to those whose lives she has impacted."

Jen apologized to the court on January 6, 2023, while being sentenced and said that she would earn funds to pay back the victims of the fraud. Shah also apologized to her son Omar for having to wake up at gunpoint, which she claimed happened when she was being arrested, and to her late father.

The RHOSLC star revealed that she had an 18-page-long release plan with 11 sections. She also has a list of “deliverables,” which she has to pay back. Jen will journal about the experience and will read it to her fans. Her time will be spent in prison by “reading and writing.”

An administrator runs her Instagram account and will keep fans updated about her jail sentence and her payback to the victims.

In her journal entries, Jen talked about having small “brown bag” breakfasts, which she had to save in lockers, and fighting against self-destructive” thoughts. She also shared that she wanted to see her husband and children and cried in the bathroom in solitude so that no one could see her.


Jen Shah spoke about another inmate Kashana, also known as Special K, who also entered the facility with her and praised her for being kind.

Jen Shah also revealed that she had an anxiety attack and that her hands went numb when she was about to enter the prison facility.


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