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  • What did Robert Smith do? Grooming allegations explored as disbelief erupts among The Cure fans 
Grooming allegations against The Cure's Robert Smith explored (Image via Getty Images)

What did Robert Smith do? Grooming allegations explored as disbelief erupts among The Cure fans 

British rock band The Cure’s lead singer Robert Smith is facing grooming allegations. Currently, a video accusing the singer of allegedly being in a relationship with a 14-year-old has appeared online. The accusations that are flooding the internet were made by Danielle R Sklar, who is seemingly going under the pseudonym Milka Sklaar online. At the time of writing this article, fans of the band were shocked by the news. The band had not released a statement in regards to the allegations.

Trigger Warning: The following article contains information related to grooming. Reader’s discretion is advised.


Twitter user @lolcowbf was one of the many people who shared the viral video that showed the grooming allegations against Robert Smith. In the video that shared text messages from the alleged victim, one of the messages read that Smith would “fall asleep on top of me and he was so sweaty and hairy and dirty hair.”

In another instance, the musician allegedly made the victim eat food that he had spit out of his mouth.

I hope this shit isn't true with Robert Smith, I literally have him tatted on me...

Another text message alleged that he would have the victim and another victim fight over him, which he would find “hilarious.”


Grooming allegations against The Cure’s Robert Smith explored

The video also stated that Milka went to one of The Cure’s concerts in 2016 to confront Robert Smith for his actions. She claimed that he recognized her years later and told her that she had gotten “old and fat.”

The victim also shared why she had not opened up about the alleged grooming publicly in the past. She claimed that she did not want to “tarnish his reputation” as he had amassed a massive fan following worldwide. In another slide of the viral video, it was also stated that Smith’s team had told her to tell fans that they were friends and nothing more.

She also shared that she wanted to give him the time to apologize for his actions, but he refused to do so.


In other text messages, Milka vulnerably shared that she had undergone therapy following her relationship with Smith. She did not explicitly mention that he was the reason behind her undergoing therapy sessions.

In the following slides, Milka claimed that Robert Smith had written several songs about his relationship with her. Some of them included Last Dance and Why Can’t I Be You amongst others.


To provide proof about Milka being underage, the person who exposed Smith claimed that she had gained access to personal information about Milka. The video claimed that Milka is currently 52 and will be turning 53, which would mean that she was 14 years old when she first met Smith in 1984.

@Maz7030 They do have evidence that they have met in the 80's, but that's pretty much it. There's no evidence that ever points to Robert Smith being a groomer as of right now.

The video also shared an image of Milka with Smith where she was seen wearing an ID bracelet that was given to minors in case they got lost during concerts.

It was also alleged that Robert Smith and his wife Mary Poole were never in an “open relationship,” that would allow him to date other women. The video also claimed that Smith was in a relationship with multiple women while being married to Poole. However, it remains unclear as to whether the women were minors.

Fans of The Cure respond to the allegations

Internet users were shocked by the allegations. Many were sickened by Smith’s behavior. A few comments online read:

not the robert smith grooming allegations.. what if i just die
I stand with Robert Smith’s victims. It’s good people are voicing their support, what isn’t cool is posting about how you never liked The Cure, it’s really tone deaf. This band was so important to SO many people and those poor girls didn’t deserve what happened to them.
rip to all the cure fans who liked the cure more than the smiths and were grateful because they thought robert smith was a better person than morrissey (me)
theres no way robert smith is a groomer...
Saw the Robert Smith grooming allegations
people who don't believe the robert smith allegations are true and taking the whole "innocent til proven guilty" route are just gross
just read up on robert smith
Wait what did Robert Smith do?!

Considering the severity of the situation, fans are likely expecting the band to address the allegations.

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