Janelle and Kody's relationship might be in trouble in the upcoming Sister Wives episode (Image via Instagram/@janellebrown117)

What time will Sister wives season 17 episode 13 air? Release date, plot and more explored

Sister Wives season 17 has primarily followed the aftermath of Kody and Christine’s separation. While the two are no longer together, their problems continue to persist. With the latter gone, cracks in Kody’s and Janelle’s marriage have begun to show.


The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads:

"Now that Christine has left the family, big problems with Kody and Janelle's marriage bubble to the surface; before they can address them, however, Kody and Robyn both get COVID-19; Robyn ends up in the hospital wondering if she's going to survive."

Sister Wives season 17’s upcoming episode will air on Sunday, December 4, at 10 pm ET on TLC.

Janelle and Kody’s problems surface in the upcoming episode of Sister Wives season 17


The season began with Christine and Kody’s divorce and how the family was dealing with the change. While the family still hasn’t recovered from the effects of their separation, another issue has come to light.

In the upcoming episode of Sister Wives season 17, titled Coronapocalypse, viewers will see another unhappy wife. Janelle and Kody didn’t spend last year’s Thanksgiving together, and with the festival approaching again, she’s worried about the outcome since Kody and her sons don’t get along well.

In a promo uploaded on social media, the two are seen having a conversation about their relationship. Janelle feels that they are at a stage where it's hard to come back from, which raises the question: is Sister Wives going to witness another divorce soon?

The trailer also shows Kody telling Janelle that he doesn’t think they know how to be real about things with one another. While his wife feels that they have a functional marriage and that Kody is her best friend, his thoughts don’t align with hers. In a confessional, he said:

"To say that I’m close with Janelle would be an overstatement."

Kody added that he doesn’t want his and Janelle’s marriage to end up like his and Christine’s, which is why he tells her that there is something “fundamentally wrong” in their relationship.

Janelle stated that she has to do everything possible to make her marriage work and isn’t sure if that’s even possible. Meanwhile, Kody has trouble understanding why she thinks that he’s “singing the breakup song” when he’s just trying to have an open conversation with his wife.

Kody admits to being upset about the divorce in his confessional and states that he doesn’t feel safe enough to tell Janelle that he wants her to help him heal himself. However, in another clip from Sister Wives' upcoming episode, Kody states that she struggles to respect him:

"If you don’t respect me don’t bother with the love. It just doesn’t work in my world."

The upcoming episode will also show Kody, Robyn, and some members of their family battling Covid-19. While most of them don’t have major symptoms and are doing okay, Robyn isn’t getting better.

The latter has had the virus for over a week on the episode. Moreover, she is advised to be admitted to the hospital, which increases worries the entire family.

In her confessional, Robyn said:

"I didn’t want to say goodbye to my kids. I didn’t want to say goodbye because I didn’t want it to be the last time I saw them."

Upon taking her to the hospital, the Sister Wives star Kody tells the cameras that they won’t let him go inside with her and that he wishes he had admitted himself because he feels like he needs a chest x-ray.


Sister Wives airs every Sunday on TLC.


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