Victim's second cousin, Christian Grissom, was sentenced to life in prison in November 2017 (Image via Ledger-Enquirer)

Where is Christian Grissom today? Whereabouts explored ahead of American Monster

In September 2017, Keonte Chavis' second cousin, Christian Grissom, was convicted in connection with her strangulation death, which occurred in early August 2014. Grissom reportedly choked her until she died before disposing of her body in a wooded area near Seale, Alabama.

19-year-old Keonte Chavis' decomposing body was found near Seale, Alabama, in August 2014 (Image via IMDb)

He claimed to have dropped the 19-year-old Chavis off at her boyfriend's place when asked upon returning to their great-grandparents' home without her. The two grew up together in New York and were residing in Phenix at the time of the incident.

An upcoming episode of ID's American Monster will re-air this Thursday, January 25, 2023, in an attempt to re-examine the chilling case. The episode titled Hoop Dreams will air at 7 pm ET. Here's what the official synopsis says about the episode:

"Surrounded by a big, loving family, high achiever Keonte Chavis goes missing, then she is found strangled to death in the woods, and the perpetrator turns out to be a family member."

According to reports, Christian Grissom is currently serving a life sentence at the State Correctional Facility in Alabama.


Keaonte Chavis' second cousin Christian Grissom was arrested after evidence revealed that he was the last person seen with her

Days after Keonte Chavis' murder, her second cousin, Christian Grissom, 29, was named the main suspect in the August 2014 murder. He was the last person Chavis was allegedly seen with on August 7, according to evidence found by authorities. They said that Grissom does have a "violent past," although Chavis' murder did not appear to be a premeditated killing.

Authorities also stated that at the time of the crime, Grissom was allegedly fleeing Jacksonville, Florida, after a warrant for his arrest was issued. This happened because he failed to show up in court to face charges of domestic violence brought up by his girlfriend.

The two grew up together in New York but were residing in their great-grandmother's house in Fort Mitchell when the tragedy occurred. According to the authorities, she was alive at 2 am and was likely killed before 3 am.


Grissom was staying with Chavis and her great-grandparents, who, along with the suspect, went to authorities to file an official missing person's report when the then-29-year-old returned home without her, claiming to have dropped her off at her boyfriend's place.

Christian Grissom was arrested in New York after having fled Alabama after Chavis' killing in August 2014

On August 11, 2014, Christian Grissom was arrested in New York. According to reports, he committed the murder and then fled to Platkill, where he was taken into custody.


Police then searched his New York residence and car after the arrest. The blood found on his car's headliner was later identified as Chavis'. Additionally, according to phone records, Grissom used his cellphone nearly a mile away from where Keonte Chavis' decomposing body was discovered. Furthermore, witnesses alleged that Grissom was seen cleaning his vehicle that day.

On the evening of August 9, 2014, someone passing down a dirt road in the Lato community off of Ridge Road in Seale, Alabama, called the police to report discovering Keonte Chavis' decomposed body laying off to the side in a wooded area.

According to reports, Chavis had a job interview on August 8 in Columbus, which she failed to show up to. The incident got her family members concerned who, not long after, reported her missing.

The evidence presented to the court by detectives and the testimony of law enforcement authorities helped in the conviction of Christian Grissom for the murder of his cousin following a week-long trial in Alabama in September 2017.

Nearly two months later, in November, Grissom received a life sentence and is currently serving his term at the Alabama State Correctional Facility.

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