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  • Where was Rep. Henry Cuellar carjacked? Details explored as 3 armed robbers attack Texas Congressman
Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar was the victim of an armed carjacking on Monday night (Image via Instagram/@repcuellar)

Where was Rep. Henry Cuellar carjacked? Details explored as 3 armed robbers attack Texas Congressman

Texas Congressman Henry Cuellar was a victim of an armed carjacking on the night of Monday, October 2, 2023. Cueller was carjacked at gunpoint in Washington DC's Navy Yard neighborhood but he was left unharmed during the incident.

He revealed that his vehicle along with its contents were safely recovered a couple of hours after the incident. The vehicle was found 2 miles away from the place of the carjacking.


The Texas Rep. revealed that three men with guns had approached him on Monday night and demanded his car. He thanked law enforcement for recovering his vehicle and its contents quickly while also claiming that he was not targeted for being a member of Congress.


Henry Cuellar stayed calm despite the multiple guns pointed at him

The number of carjackings in Washington DC has been skyrocketing recently, with the capital reporting a 106% increase in carjackings this year.


The victim of the latest high-profile carjacking was Texas Rep. Henry Cuellar, whose white Honda was stolen by assailants wielding firearms. The incident occurred near the Navy Yard neighborhood in DC on Monday night, around 9:30 pm.

According to Fox News, the Metropolitan Police Department gave a statement about the carjacking on Tuesday. It said that the police responded to a report of an armed carjacking on Monday night at around 9:32 pm at the "intersection of New Jersey and K Street, Southeast."

"The victim was identified as a member of Congress and the United States Capitol Police took over the investigation. MPD is assisting Capitol Police’s Criminal Investigative Division," the statement added.

Rep. Henry Cuellar's chief of staff, Jacob Hochberg put out a press release statement on Monday night. He said that it was when Cuellar was parking his car that three armed assailants approached him before stealing his vehicle.


The statement noted that luckily Cuellar wasn't harmed and was working with the local law enforcement. It went on to thank the Metro PD and the Capitol Police for their "swift action" and for recovering the Congressman's vehicle.

Congressman Henry Cuellar also gave his account of the whole incident in multiple interviews with C-Span and MSNBC reports. He re-tweeted both segments from his official X (formerly Twitter) handle. A relatively calm Cuellar told MSNBC Reports that it was important to stay calm during such situations.

"I was coming in from the capitol, I parked in front of my apartment complex, and when I was getting out three guys came up with guns," he told the outlet.

Henry Cuellar further stated:

"I quickly analyzed the situation, I got a black belt in Karate, so you gotta learn what to do. I looked to the left somebody had a gun, to the right somebody had a gun, third guy behind me,"
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He added that it was crucial to stay calm in such situations which was why he gave them his car keys before the assailants took off.


Henry Cuellar revealed that his car and possessions were recovered within a couple of hours. He thanked the Capitol Police and the Metro Police for that before proclaiming his support for law enforcement. He revealed that the assailants were wearing ski masks and called them "young punks with guns".

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He revealed to both MSNBC Reports and C-Span that what really got him upset was that they stole his sushi, which was thankfully recovered. Henry Cuellar also refuted the claim that he was attacked because he was a member of Congress and stated that he did not think that they knew who he was.

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