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The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon premiered on September 10, 2023 (Image via. AMC)

Where was The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon shot? Filming locations of AMC's zombie-horror drama explored

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon episode 1 was released on September 10, 2023, and received praise from both old and new The Walking Dead franchise fans. This coveted franchise has been one of the forerunners of modern horror; over the years, it has managed to garner millions of viewers. Daryl Dixon is one of the original show's most beloved characters, and fans have always longed for his spin-off.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon has caught the eyes of both fans and critics for its fantastic filming locations. The majority of the show was shot in the European country of France. The show stars Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon, Clémence Poésy as Isabelle, Louis Puech Scigliuzzi as Laurent, Laïka Blanc-Francard as Sylvie, and others.


The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon on AMC: The post-apocalyptic horror drama was entirely filmed in Paris, France

1) Louvre, Paris


Even though it has not appeared in the show so far, fans saw the world-famous French art museum in its trailer. The Louvre is located on the banks of the Seine River and has a collection of over 615,000 artworks.


It was officially opened on August 10, 1793. It covers an area of 72,735 square meters and receives 7.8 million visitors annually. It is the most-visited museum in the world, housing many famous artworks like Mona Lisa, The Virgin of the Rocks, St. Michael Vanquishing Satan, Dante and Virgil in Hell, The Wedding Feast at Cana, David with the Head of Goliath, and The Coronation of Napoleon.

2) Catacombs of Paris


The spooky Catacombs of Paris will also gradually show up in the series as it progresses. These tombs are home to over six million corpses and were created to deal with the city's excessive cemeteries.

Its construction began in the late 18th century and progressed till the 19th century. Public visitations have been common throughout the years, with regulations changing from time to time. Since the year 2013, it has been managed by the Paris Musées. Even though these tombs comprise just a small number of mines in Paris, residents of the city refer to them as the catacombs.

The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon synopsis

According to AMC, the official synopsis of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon reads,

"In The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, Daryl (Reedus) washes ashore in France and struggles to piece together how he got there and why. The series tracks his journey across a broken but resilient France as he hopes to find a way back home. As he makes the journey, though, the connections he forms along the way complicate his ultimate plan."

The long list of executive producers of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon includes Scott M. Gimple, Robert Kirkman, David Alpert, Gale Anne Hurd, Angela Kang, Brian Bockrath, Jason Richman, Daniel Percival, Greg Nicotero, Norman Reedus and David Zabel.

Created by David Zabel, season 1 of the show will only consist of six episodes. Its official composer is David Sardy, and its production companies are Idiot Box Productions, Skybound Entertainment, Valhalla Entertainment, Circle of Confusion, Remainder Men, and AMC Studios.

Episode 2 of The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon, titled Alouette, will be released on September 17, 2023, on AMC.


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