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Naked and Afraid season 16 set to premiere soon. (Image via Instagram/@nakedandafraid)

Where to watch Naked and Afraid season 16? Release date and more

Naked and Afraid is throwing strangers into fight or flight mode yet again with its 16th installment. In each episode, two complete strangers will travel to a remote location amid the wilderness for 2-3 weeks with nothing but one survival tool. The newest season is inching closer, set to premiere on October 15 at 8 p.m. ET on Discovery.

A sneak peek of the upcoming trials and tribulations the contestants will have to face was dropped on September 14, but not much else has been revealed yet. Each duo will begin by stripping off their clothes, catapulting them into 14 to 21 days of living on the bare necessities, without clothes, food, or water, using their primal skills to survive for as long as possible. Prescription medication and female sanitary products are provided.


There's no official cash prize for those who make it through the three weeks, but that's okay because they're all in it to step outside their comfort zones and embrace a new, adventurous experience.

When and where to watch Naked and Afraid Season 16

Stripped to nothing but the basics. (Image via Instagram/@nakedandafraid)

Set to live off the land, all the food they seek out, and their own shelter in grueling weather conditions with several bugs and reptiles as their only companions, are the survivalists of Naked and Afraid season 16. It is set to debut on October 15 or 16, depending on the viewer's time zone, on the Discovery Channel.


Here's when Naked and Afraid season 16 will be available to watch across regions:

East Coast of the US (ET)October 15, 20238:00 pm
Midwest of the US (CT)October 15, 20237:00 pm
Mountain Time (MT)October 15, 20236:00 pm
West Coast of the US (PT)October 15, 20235:00 pm
Alaska (AKT)October 15, 20234:00 pm
Hawaii (HAT)October 15, 20232:00 pm
England (BST)October 16, 20231:00 am
Germany (CEST)October 16, 20232:00 am
Spain (CEST)October 16, 20232:00 am
Italy (CEST)October 16, 20232:00 am
France (CEST)October 16, 20232:00 am
Australia (AEST)October 16, 202311:00 am
India (IST)October 16, 20235:30 am
South Korea (KST)October 16, 20239:00 am
Japan (JST)October 16, 20239:00 am

What to expect from Naked and Afraid season 16

Naked and Afraid contestants are ready to take on the brutality to survive. (Image via Instagram/@nakedandafraid)

The network has been very tight-lipped about what season 16 of Naked and Afraid has to offer, except for some hints, including its sneak peek. This time around, like its previous seasons, pairs will need to work together to survive a few weeks, rummaging through rough terrain, freezing weather, and dangerous jungle creatures, all while they're stripped of their clothes and left with no food or water.


This season features a diverse cast, making up dynamic pairs for each episode. Some of the confirmed members include an ICU nurse, a banker recovering from a brain injury, a performer, and an ex-survivalist back for another shot. Each pair will be required to complete challenges sent in by fans during their experience; this could gain them advantages and perhaps even some necessities.

"I am so excited to get naked." - A contestant says in the preview
The wildest experience is beginning soon! (Image via Instagram/@nakedandafraid)

Naked and Afraid's teaser starts off with a contestant thrilled to finally have the freedom of not wearing clothes, but things quickly take a turn. Another adventurer feels grounded by the ability to connect with nature until she's shown having a breakdown. They're seen shooting arrows, diving through gushing rivers, surviving chilly temperatures, and literally putting their blood, sweat, and tears into this.

Closing off the preview is one contestant who expresses what will likely be every participant's opinion as the show progresses. Exposed and in the wild, the series is a true and utter life-changer, whether for the good or the bad, for the survivalists and viewers to decide.

"It's just the most painful experience." - Contestant closed off the teaser

Naked and Afraid will be a whirlwind of emotions, with each member's primal instincts kicking in as they face the cold, harsh realities of living on the bare minimum. Season 16 will be ready to binge on October 15 at 8 p.m. ET on The Discovery Channel.


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