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Andrea Fay Friedman recently died at the age of 53 (Image via HeidiCaliQ/X)

Who did Andrea Fay Friedman play on Family Guy? Actress with Down syndrome dies aged 53

Well-known actress Andrea Fay Friedman recently passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer's on December 3, 2023, at the age of 53. According to People magazine, Andrea's father Hal confirmed the news, adding that his daughter was having problems while speaking for a year.

Andrea Fay Friedman was mostly known for lending her voice to Ellen in the animated sitcom, Family Guy. She later appeared in two more TV shows, including Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Walker, Texas Ranger.

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Social media platforms were flooded with tributes as soon as the news of Andrea Fay Friedman's death went viral. People specifically praised her for representing people with Down Syndrome on screen.


Andrea Fay Friedman gained recognition for her work in Family Guy

Andrea Fay Friedman was known for her work in various TV shows. However, she accumulated a huge fanbase for voicing the character of Ellen in Family Guy, which currently airs on Fox. The character appeared in episode 12 of season 8 of the series.


Ellen is mentioned in the episode after Chris and Stewie get lost inside the forest, and Chris reveals that he likes Ellen in his math class. Chris continues by saying that he would ask Ellen out if they survive. The duo manage to survive, and Stewie convinces Chris to do what he had previously promised.

It is then revealed that Ellen is suffering from Down syndrome. Nonetheless, Chris, who finds her attractive, eventually asks out Ellen, and the brothers begin preparing for the date.

Things change for everyone during the date when Chris discovers that Ellen is not as sweet and kind as he had thought at first. Instead, she is very demanding and bossy. Her behavior is also rude towards Chris, and she is not at all interested in Chris' life.


Family Guy premiered back in 1999 and continued for 21 more seasons until 2023. The series has been already renewed for season 23.


Andrea Fay Friedman portrayed minor roles in other TV shows

The New York Times stated that Andrea Fay Friedman enrolled at the West Los Angeles Baptist High School and then went to Santa Monica College. She became popular for her performance in the drama series Life Goes On in 1992 for two seasons.

While her appearance in Family Guy was praised by critics and audiences, it landed her in some trouble with the former Republican governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. Andrea's character in the show was suffering from Down syndrome, and Sarah felt the show apparently made fun of the condition, since her son Trig was also diagnosed with the same condition.


Andrea appeared in another film, titled Smudge, alongside a TV show, titled Baywatch, during the 90s. She continued to appear in more TV shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Walker, Texas Ranger. She was last seen in a film titled Carol of the Bells, which was released in 2019.

Fay Friedman is survived by her father Hal Friedman, sister, Katherine Holland, brother-in-law Grant Holland, and nephews Lawson and Andrew.


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