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Who won Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 12? Result, Final Jeopardy and more

Celebrity Jeopardy! Season 1 is just one week away from the finale. In the latest episode 12, three semifinalists from the last three weeks competed to earn a spot in the finals.

The format of the show is similar to Jeopardy!, with just a few differences. Unlike the OG game show, the celebrity version welcomes TV/movie stars who play for their respective charities.


While the winner advances to the semi-finals/ finals, the losers also receive a minimum amount of $30,000, respectively, for their charities. Another difference is that Celebrity Jeopardy! has four rounds, while the original series has three.

In episode 12, the celebrities, aka the semi-finalists, were:

1) Michael Cera, an actor from Arrested Development and Life & Beth, played for the charity Saving Mothers.

2) Brendan Hunt, a comedian and an actor from Ted Lasso, played for Soccer Without Borders.


3) Patton Oswalt, a comedian and an actor from The King of Queens, played for Alice’s Kids.

Today’s Celebrity Jeopardy! winner is Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt won his first game on January 12, 2023, and his win in episode 12 was a bit of sheer luck.


In the first round, the categories were “Psychology, Pop Music, All Things Irish, “G”eography, 4-Letter Adjectives, The Museum Of Failure.”

Brendan Hunt and Patton had a great time in round one. While the latter found the first Daily Double, Brendan took the lead after correctly answering 12 questions. Patton gave 10 correct responses and Michael Cera gave six correct answers. Their scores were: Brendan at $3,400, Patton at $2,900, and Michael at $1,400.

The categories for the second round included “Famous American Quotes, Character/Actor, Bestsellers, What An Animal!, ____ & ____, Real Estates.”

Patton and Michael found the Daily Doubles, respectively, in the Double Jeopardy round. Both the players doubled up their scores, which were $100 apart. Patton banked $8,700, while Michael scored $8,600. Despite not picking any Daily Double, Brendan managed to top the scoreboard with a score of $12,400.


In the third round, the categories were “It Grows On Trees, U.S. Government, A Sign Of Shame, Under Study, World History, The Golden State Warriors.”

The Triple Jeopardy round has three Daily Doubles, out of which one went to Michael and the rest to Brendan. After the two players doubled up their scores, the results didn’t seem to be in favor of Patton until the third round. The scores of the celebrities in round 3 were: Brendan at $31,200, Michael at $20,800, and Patton at $12,300.

The Final Jeopardy round shocked viewers after Patton became the only player to correctly answer the final question. Brendan and Michael, who were in first and second place on the scoreboard, lost their wagering money as their final answers turned out to be incorrect. This meant Patton took the lead in round 4.

Hence, Patton Oswalt won Celebrity Jeopardy! today.

Patton Oswalt: Tonight's winner (Image via Tyler Golden/ABC)

Final Jeopardy clue, solution and result

In Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 12, the category for the final round was “Novels,” and the clue read:

“'Breeders, wives and unwomen' was the headline of the New York Times’ 1986 review of this novel.”

The solution to the Final Jeopardy clue was “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

Only Patton gave the correct answer, while Michael wrote “Seabiscuit,” and Brendan quipped “heartburn.”

Take a look at the final results of Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 episode 12:

Patton Oswalt: $12,300 + $12,300 = $24,600 (What is The Handmaid’s Tale) (Finalist)

Brendan Hunt: $31,200 – $10,500 = $20,700 (What is heartburn?)

Michael Cera: $20,800 – $20,800 = $0 (What Seabiscuit :()

Episode 12’s result was surprising as nobody expected Patton to win the game after landing in third place in round 3. Luckily, he got the final answer correct and defeated his competitors to earn a spot in the finals.

Patton will now return in episode 13 to play the finale against two finalists — Ike Barinholtz and Wil Wheaton.

Hosted by Mayim Bialik, Celebrity Jeopardy! season 1 finale will air on Thursday, February 2, 2023, at 8.00 pm ET on ABC.


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