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  • “Why am I getting dragged?” - The Challenge star CT Tamburello blasts estranged wife Lilianet Solares amid messy divorce
CT Tamburello (Image via Instagram/ @_famous4nothing)

“Why am I getting dragged?” - The Challenge star CT Tamburello blasts estranged wife Lilianet Solares amid messy divorce

The Challenge star Chris CT Tamburello recently opened up about what happened after filing for divorce from Lilianet Solares back in November. His since-deleted Instagram video is indicative of his frustration with the divorce. The reality star mentioned that he was "tired of getting dragged" as he said:

"I'm tired of getting' dragged. Look, I can look my mother, my father, my son, baby mama, her parents, too, and God in the eyes. … I can honestly say I've given you everything you asked for, including this divorce. Why am I getting dragged? Defamation."

In 2016, the couple welcomed their son Christopher Jr. Almost two years later, they tied the knot in September 2018, and the ceremony aired on MTV in a two-part special titled CT's Getting Married. Last month, four years after their marriage, the couple reached a temporary court agreement to discuss finances and custody.

According to an Us Weekly report from December, Lilianet Solares filed a lawsuit for sole possession of her Florida home (marital home). However, according to current reports, she will be moving out of the couple's marital home and giving it to Chris. CT Tamburello is responsible for giving Lilianet a $7,200 deposit for the new place she has chosen to live in since she is now moving out.


Lilianet is only allowed to get her belongings from her marital house, which includes her furnishings and personal items. As per the court agreement, a child support payment of $761 will be made every month by CT Tamburello.


In the midst of his messy divorce, Chris CT Tamburello mentioned he has lost weight

On Friday, Tamburello discussed how he has lost a lot of weight during the divorce process. Tamburello shared one more video recently on Instagram in which he said, “I lost 65 f*****g pounds.” In the video, he also talked about wanting to look like Hollywood stars George Clooney, Sean Connery, and Michael Keaton.

In addition to wanting “salt-and-pepper hair” CT Tamburello is also planning to be a “stay-at-home dad” to his 7-year-old son, Christopher Jr. Tamburello concluded by saying, “Now I’m gonna stay at home. That’s it.”

On Friday, Chris posted a video in which he was speaking directly to Lilianet but later deleted it. Fans on Reddit posted the deleted video, in which CT Tamburello was heard asking his ex what went wrong in their marriage.


As per Page Six, he was heard saying:

“I have so many unresolved issues, so many unanswered questions, and if we’re gonna be better parents, I need some answers.”

Additionally, Chris mentioned that Lilianet was "living a secret life" with “a stripper from Magic Mike” during the video. Chris then claimed that his son wishes to live with him as he is "uncomfortable" at Lilianet's place.

He further said:

“Little does he know, my son, he’s over here every day telling me, ‘Dad, I wish I could live with you because it’s uncomfortable at Mom’s place.”

It is currently unclear what Lilianet said about her ex that pushed him to open up about their situation online. However, Chris' rant did mention that Solares doesn't let their son leave his bedroom when “mom has a friend over.” Furthermore, Chris mentioned:

“Look, Lili, I don’t need you to tell me to be a better parent. I know I’m the best f*****g parent, and my whole life revolves around [Christopher Jr.]. You got a lot of nerve trying to tell me to be better when you can’t even afford to put food on your table. What does that mean? Let’s be honest.”

As of this writing, Lilianet hasn't responded to Chris' allegations and hasn't opened up about her side of the story.


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