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Why Spider-Man 2 (2004) is overrated

With so many Spider-Man films already being released, it’s hard to keep track and filter out what makes a superhero film like this good or bad. Spider-Man 2 is a film with plenty to offer, but that doesn't mean it is without error.


The film has been hailed as the best Spidey movie by most critics, but after some serious reevaluation, it’s only fair to give it a much-needed look-over. To be fair, the film is a dramatic improvement over its CG-constructed predecessor, and it certainly is a classic in its own right.

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1:46 AM · Jan 23, 2022

Here's why Spider-Man 2 is overrated by critics and fans.


Spider-Man 2 is overrated for several reasons


1) It’s too depressing

One thing that has become apparent about this movie is that when the fans compare it to Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man films, it is very gloomy and downtrodden in its tone. It could almost be confused with an edgy DC film like Batman or Superman.

Nowadays, since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been successful at being dramatic and comedic at the same time, it’s hard to watch a film like Spider-Man 2 that is unable to balance the two. Its successor, Spider-Man 3, was more adept at this factor and a more entertaining movie overall.


2) It’s similar to a soap opera

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When it comes to the heated drama between Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker and James Franco’s Harry Osborn, it seems like a relationship that was destined to be aired on an afternoon soap opera rather than the silver screen.

In the film, Harry is still mourning the loss of his father, Norman Osborn, who, unbeknownst to him, was impaled upon his glider by his own foolish mistake. Harry is frustrated with the fact that Peter is still taking pictures of his webhead alter ego, which drives a wedge in their friendship.

Harry later discovers that Parker is the webhead and vows revenge upon this revelation. Their relationship is heavy on melodrama and not drenched in enough realism like that of Osborn and Parker’s relationship in The Amazing Spider-Man films.

3) Its visuals haven't aged well

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octavius (Image via Sony)

This may be an apparent reason for film-goers. The year 2004 wasn’t the apex for CGI, and it was still experimenting with the effects. However, if people look closely, they can spot where some lighting is off and where the CGI begins to look rubbery.

It might have been a spectacle in its heyday, but as visual effects have progressed, people now expect perfection and believable visuals with a naturalistic and seamless feel.

4) Ock’s motivation is bizarre

Doc Ock in action (Image via Sony)

A lot of people gloss over this part of the film. Dr. Otto Octavius tries to develop renewable energy that he believes he can control, and when things go haywire, he tries to rebuild his experiment by creating another sun.

Saying it aloud seems incredibly bonkers, and fans seem to brush the bizarre notion under the rug. It almost seems forced in how it was written and used, more so, as a throw-away plot device.

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